Graduated 13 years for 33-year-old son, eight work still goes back home

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No ability to think his son to find a good job, she serves painful. Yesterday, she call the newspaper psychological reception room, full of endless self-blame, the responsibility of 33-year-old son does not work all the blame yourself.

Excellent son getting parents dislike

Dad surnamed Yue, mother surnamed Ho, then gave his son a happy name 'Le Ho,' but what the music did not seem happy to live music from an early age what it can read, is recognized as the boy: good and conscious results, not picky eaters, do not pick clothes, no bad habits. in 2000, Le Ho admitted to Wuhan University (microblogging), according to the parents' choice, he gave up childhood like automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding learned professional, after graduation, parents arranged, She went smoothly Research Institute in Shanghai ship students around envy. but why not happy music.

In 2008, barely work a few years later he finally resigned, wanted to test the car back to Wuhan graduate, was not admitted, he began to hang around four. Deterioration in parent-child relationships, meet as enemies. One day He walked out happy, the parents in the computer son found traces of tickets, catch Hangzhou found his son, his son every day, guarding, finally arrest his son back to Wuhan.

He came back from Shanghai Yue, a cold shoulder toward my father, mother nagging him to find a job, what is the music began to play the game of life. To him change clothes, his chosen sloppy, told him to eat and sleep, he's prone to roar.

Graduated 13 years remain idle 'NEET'

Parents looking for his son to find a way out of relationships, sometimes only the end son did two months walk away, also the longest job only a year. 'Not interested', 'relations and colleagues they might' ' level leadership did not 'justify his departure. 2012 Lok Ho to find a job, because the next scene, he too dirty, tired, poor environment, low wages. to see the hands of others things more, no team willing to him he finally resigned.

8 around for a job, the 33-year-old music where all nest at home yesterday morning, where she serves up music and hurried to attend job fairs, but he is still indifferent. Father is a university teacher mother is an engineer, talent is quite good son grew up to become a 'inverse', Shanghai actually give up so good unit, which makes the parents can not understand how.

Parents and adult children have to get along with 'a sense of distance.'

Worked hard to raise children, parents now became 'enemies' famous psychoanalyst, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Geology University associate professor Wu and Ming said, in fact, comes from the son of hate. - Why lifetime destroyed in the hands of parents his parents decided to professional? this does not use language to express anger, or not fully expressed, so he used the expression behavior. when parents in pain, his anger on the part of the expression.

Wu and Ming analysis, there are a lot of love and hate between parents with adult children, the most important thing is that parents do not want to 'weaning.' Many parents see their children, no matter how old are still naive child, they need to protection and care. when you find fault with a grown child, when your child excessive interference in life, they usually make both sides unhappy. excessive love can hurt.

Wuhan Mental Hospital therapist prop Wang believes that after 12-year-old child, and my heart has a very strong sense of adults would like to do some of their own decisions, and hope to get the recognition and trust. Adult children, the parents go to discipline, it will cause a lot of conflict and suffering.

Beijing Huilongguan Hospital Cui Yong, chief physician recommends that parents and their adult children have to get along with 'a sense of distance,' part of a mistake is a child growing up, is the premise that they can live independently (Reporter: Mao Yin Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 畢業13年換了8份工作 33歲兒子仍蝸居家中

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