Please re-brand under the present network promotion red camera but probably wasted money

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Lead: In the short term, economic fans really making money, but in the long run, they may not be able to help you get better and better products.

Please re-brand under the present network promotion red camera but probably wasted money

Red is popular in the global network, on Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat ... there are people in every social platform to do their own queen, following a vote of followers. Brands are increasingly valued and red network cooperation that they bring their own flow, no matter what has recommend people pay.

is this real?

This is true when you are self-employed bloggers in the small world, these fans may simply spectators, but when it comes to advertising and product, fans becomes a customer, and they are easy to influence opinion leaders make irrational consumption decisions. so, brands are very willing to find red as spokesperson network or direct sponsorship for their products, to facilitate the show out.

Then the red network economy is how to drive it?

Then the red network economy is how to drive it? Like the number of points and the number of fans increased the game interesting, but they want to cash there is difficult. It << >> Forbes reported that some luxury brands, and now Some bloggers were established. this makes the 2016 Milan has become the European network red center.

Trussardi Group CEO Tomaso Trussardi say red and network cooperation can expand the brand influence, and be able to tell the brand story in their own red network point of view, this can help the brand find new consumers.

On the other hand, net red economy fashion brand to save a lot of research costs in the era of print media, magazines always sandwiched a readership survey, there are salary, occupation, education level, etc. option. But now, a Bo main group able to get a brand more peace of mind on advertising decisions, based on the number of fans for each blogger size, pricing stratification and more clear.

The above advantages, start-up and big brands are loved by a website called Firesnap even summed up the four Raiders fans realized: The first step is to survey users, and then sell something unique marketing program content, ensure that your update active at any time, do remember to thank the fans. this step is actually the traditional business model makes no difference.

But the problem is that with the economic development of the network of red, red mesh groups also formed their own industry standards Matteo Fenaroli director of marketing for a start-up footwear brand Charles Philip Shanghai, he said:. 'They want to pursue in the brand's Instagram the first impression, being bloggers ask for more money to send someone your time to collect 15,000 euros. sometimes, bloggers and brands will be three to six months of signing the contract, but they sometimes brand will lose everything, because there is a good standard of work performance evaluation blogger is not in place, is not worth that price. '

Fenaroli also said money brand promotional photo shoot, while consuming much energy, but the images are permanently retained, bloggers need only a self-timer, you have to give money. Does not have a standard measure that made it clear in the end there is no use.

Chinese social media network are red
social media

In a recent and << >> Forbes interview, actress and model Rebecca Romijn said: 'No one can prove that the fans can become a profit.'

The truth, just as no one can saw advertising the products sold out, as otherwise they would not think of using analysts 'conversion' and 'performance indicators' to supervise the work of the marketing department as marketing it, relatively empty.

In fact, recently published opinion Romijn, a famous American designer Calvin Klein said he is very glad that their brand is not built on social media, 'is now working on a model appointment Ins is because these models have a lot of online followers. I do not think this thing has a long-term sense, I do not think this is a good way to help you successfully sell their products in. '

Really smart businessman knows, although the product to the market to meet the demand, but also to learn to understand the customer never tell the secret, only to guide the direction of the market products have long-term value, we often hear 'develop the market.' This sentence.

Social media, everything becomes straightforward, however, can not necessarily say what is true, is not necessarily correct. This is, before we evaluate Moschino performance in recent years, he said, chasing hot indeed boost short-term sales, but the damage is to destroy the classic brand value.


It is not difficult to explain why the first-line luxury brands have been more conservative on social marketing, because these brands not only know how to tell a good story, but more importantly is to rely on technology and design support for decades. Looking grassroots network red endorsement, it is likely will produce old customer brand trust crisis. Although keen on social media Millennials are the main consumer of the future, but the customer will always be more rational, more and more they will understand the long-term solution is dependent on brand management products, instead of channels and marketing.

From this point of view, the current Gucci is very firm on this point there is no net red .Gucci cooperation projects, according to company insiders say, Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele and social media to reach people with no interest in cooperation.

But Prada has used the opposite approach from the beginning of 2012, it opened a net of red Prada cooperative mode, one is the traditional pay-Bo made, there is a creative invitation bloggers invited .Prada red network is called Richard haines, he was a designer and later switch to a professional to do the red network, he is good at drawing with charcoal, whereby him the 2012 men's and women's week week show were sliding down, and into a binding this limited edition book.

These methods may effectively may ineffective, but it is certain that, with everyone chasing the red of the network, the network wants to red more and more people, sooner or later the market oversupply, from the devaluation of their time is not far away. By that time, people will return to the era of product is king. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 品牌下重本請網紅拍照促銷 但這錢很可能白花了

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