Xie not take fashion essential five pairs of sandals in full here

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Lead: summer is already on the street with bare legs were ahead of time although I personally do not like popular word - meaning they have to spend money to buy new goods, but even if reluctantly, under the beauty of nature also makes popular. tireless chop begin. and, obviously terribly fashionable single product over 365 days, even out of date! For example, last summer trendy death, staffing a Roman sandal (content source:. Onlylady woman annals

Lace Up strap shoes

Lace Up strap shoes

Roman sandals and different, since last year's explosion of red Lace Up shoes this summer is still strong.

Strap shoes more suitable for thin feet

So fat feet regret is that it pointed shoes and other exposed as almost all of the instep, and therefore only suitable for thin legs.

Flat strap shoes

Worn on the feet like a bundle round meat.

Muller Shoes

Muller Shoes

Instep sensuality, leg is not fine girl Please cheer up, this summer there is a more fashionable pop waiting for you, oh, it was Muller shoes.

Muller shoes tide demonstration

The so-called Muller shoes, the heel is empty shoes. Street beat regularly monitored, then it will find the nearest Gucci shoes double thick with Muller burst of red.

Muller shoes are now popular in the influx of people from the stars, in addition to Gucci, or whether it is the big high street brands have introduced this spring and summer shoes Muller.

Mueller pointed shoes

In addition to the above conventional style, the type of shoes as well as more than Muller, fashion blogger Eva Chen recently pointed sun for a Muller shoes from Proenza Schouler.

Slippers popular

Speaking of slippers, the 2016 spring and summer the popular stage, slippers break a small piece of sky, but slippers home property determines the very people who can manage it, they might emit a hint of flavor bath house, try to highlight the texture sense, such as Alexander Wang of this metal ball slippers, many stars and bloggers are wearing, is a leader in this sector slippers.

Platform sandals

Star Model platform shoes

This autumn, the platform shoes of the popular little man let the whole world cheered, even if not a dwarf, foot stepped on the tile on 7 cm high vacuum is irresistible temptation.

Bloggers demonstration

This spring and summer, platforms continue to play more than prestige, spring and summer platform sandals once again become popular keywords.

Platform sandals look simple-minded, does not make the legs longer thinner, the largest and the only advantage is to make you whole on a few centimeters high.

Platform sandals

Want a tall long legs, thin legs? This same stylish high water table thick with sandals do. And high heels, even though the girl is wearing it for the vast majority could not Rulvpingdi, but on special occasions, use it to grow momentum is a good choice.

Pom Poms sandals

Pom Poms sandals

Pom Poms is below sandals sandals with colored wool balls, footwear upstart Aquazzura this spring and summer is the main product.

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Traditional Chinese: 拿走不謝 趕時髦必備的5雙涼鞋全在這兒

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