Yantai super-Qi Cheng Junior High School Students with poor vision reminder: Do not over two hours at the phone

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Jellyfish News Network May 21 (YMG reporters in Mingjun correspondent Liu Zhengyi Feng Xueying May 20, 2016, is the 27th 'Chinese Student Nutrition Day.' Students how to eat in order to ensure adequate nutrition, energetic? How can we keep the body in ? these are issues best the majority of parents are very concerned about this, the City CDC nutrition experts put forward three principles: First, a healthy balanced diet, food variety, cereal-based, the second is diet should be the law, regular meals quantitative appropriate snacks and the third is social, school and parents work together to resist unhealthy foods.

'Big eaters' often stay in a snack bar

'My son entered primary school sophomore, than adults can eat, but always see those hungry, and is now the most important class, the teacher let the phone every few days to eat more activities, really unhappy people!' Parents Minato together, questions like this are often able to hear, but also often see those 'heart wide-body fat,' kids stay in KFC, McDonald's, liquor store. in the first 27 'Chinese student nutrition day' is approaching, in order to students to the city to provide scientific nutrition program, reporters came to interview nutrition experts Yantai Center for disease control and prevention, experts told reporters that a correct understanding of child overweight, avoid chronic disease-ridden after the 'big eaters' of adult children.

According to nutrition experts said the city, the population is only about 10% of obesity is determined by genetic factors, most children obesity is the result of environmental factors and socio-economic factors working together. A 'Do not let children lose at the starting line' victimized a lot of families, children academic burden, long time static activity, physical exercise to reduce the serious lack of exercise, eating habits ubiquitous city 'breakfast sloppy, improvise lunch, dinner rich' phenomenon, some students and parents lack proper nutrition common sense, easy diet based on personal preference, one-sided intake of high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, sweets, fried foods, cream products, coupled with excessive intake of snacks, while playing, eating and other unhealthy eating behaviors, resulting in obese children the number increased year by year, increasing the risk of adult cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, gallbladder disease and other chronic chance.

How to overweight and obesity screening? Parents want as quickly and see if you are normal weight children, overweight and obesity, can calculate BMI.BMI is body mass index, mainly reflecting systemic overweight and obesity. Simple calculation of indicators easy to operate, That is BMI = weight (kg / height (in meters squared, for example, a 1.74 meters tall who weighs 89 kg, his BMI = 89 / 1.742 = 29.40, according to the standards of physical fitness, BMI of less than 18.5kg / m2 as underweight between 18.5kg / m2-24kg / m2 as normal, greater than 24kg / m2 is overweight, more than 28kg / m2 as obese.

Sunshine City pupils of poor eyesight rate of more than 40%

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, home TV, computer and mobile phone popularity, increase academic pressure brought great security risk for the development of visual health in school children. Yantai 2015-2016 school year student health examination, the city primary and Secondary examination results statistics data show: Yantai pupils of poor eyesight rate of more than 40% of junior high school is more than 70% of high school students, more than 90% City CDC experts advise: local long-term overuse so that the adjustment is excessive, so vision fatigue, long ciliary muscle spasm occurs pseudo myopia or regulatory myopia. If not pseudo myopia early detection and early treatment, it is easily converted into a true myopia.

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Traditional Chinese: 煙臺超七成初中生視力低下 提醒:看手機別超2小時

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