Jiujiang: conscription propaganda on Campus

Updated: May 21, 2016  Views: 219

'Enthusiastically join the army, so that the youth flash in the barracks.' May 18, Xunyang's armed forces officers and soldiers came to Jiangxi Vocational College of Finance conducted 2016 annual recruitment propaganda, the Ministry of Defense personnel in the school put on a photo exhibition of education boards, site recruitment brochures distributed, the majority of students to explain the policy of conscription, in order to stimulate students to join the army to serve the country's patriotism. exhibition site, many students after reading the image of national defense education, wake up their mind to join the army complex, said they immediately go back Login nationwide recruitment network for registration, we hope fulfill his military dream.

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Jiujiang: conscription propaganda on Campus

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Traditional Chinese: 九江:征兵宣傳進高校

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