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[Online auto market Chongqing station] has a 'super-flu Driving sports car' reputation MAXIMA has always been a favorite sports car car faithful concern and sought after. Yesterday (20 May, Nissan finally take full western movement genes Dajia Ma Chongqing fashion release center, and brings the official guide price: 23.48-26.78 ten thousand yuan sharp boomerang headlights and dynamic fashion elegant floating roof, the overall shape and feel great concept sports car flavor Cima Jiangbeizui shine again.

In the new conference site CIMA, CIMA has become a mountain people bring carnival show. After a wonderful light and shadow dance performances, the protagonist of 'CIMA' grand debut. And my strength racer Liu Jing, Zhang sweet beauty Pilot , China photographers Association Chongqing branch is to wave went to the site, as we share the experience of this film Cima large.

Nissan Cima from the North American market MAXIMA models, namely Teana sister model, the overall shape to the Sport Sedan concept car modeled using the four-door coupe design concept, the main sports and luxury line.

Movement and passion to become the main tone Cima

CIMA appearance of avant-garde movement, in line with current tastes of young fashion personality. Lwh 4903/1860 / 1436mm, wheelbase 2775mm. Car front face of the Nissan family design, the front side protruding headlights pull line has been sliding to the rear door, forming a smooth Z-line, 2.5L Cima with large panoramic electric sunroof (insulation and efficient UV), LED daytime running lights, LED taillights, dual exhaust pipes and other bilateral.

Inside, the car interior in black color tone and equipped with flat-bottomed three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in order to enhance the sporty. Configuration, its dashboard full sense of science and technology, the central 7-inch color screen can display a wealth of information, entertainment system, navigation system, trip computer, security system can find the information. in addition, Nissan i-CONNECT system, voice recognition system, 11 speaker BOSE stereo, steering wheel 4-way power adjustment, front seat air-conditioning, etc. it is out of hand configuration.

CIMA + precursor not only pay more attention to sports safety

Power, Cima is equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, maximum power of 137kW, peak torque of 234Nm, matching CVT continuously variable transmission, while the Cima most noteworthy is the active safety system, equipped with Nissan i-SAFFTY smart anti-collision safety system. In addition, it is equipped with 3A steady line highway system, including ATC active Traction control, ARC active ride comfort control systems, AEB active brake assist.

After the conference, CIMA about driving passion opening group in North Rd, beauty riders lead the tour North Rd, feeling a speed and passion! As a new generation of the legendary coupe, Cima faced with a group of passionate, challenging, confident, young 'new generation of geeks,' inside and outside their pursuit of the ultimate, self-break. Nissan Cima Nissan sports car design wisdom gene, bring strength and color value, luxury and dynamic, designed for the new generation of geeks from. it's the ultimate in sporty genes to youthful attitude to meet the immediate pursuit of fashion, individuality, dynamic young tastes.

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Chongqing Dongfeng Nanfang Yu Xing shops Shixin Road, Jiulongpo District No. 220 (Bashan Vehicle Administration diagonally opposite 023-68888990

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Traditional Chinese: 超感駕控運動座駕 東風日產西瑪重慶上市

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