"Thor 3: Ragnarok" concept map exposure information revealed Actor

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<< 3 Thor: Ragnarok >> exposure conceptual diagram of the information revealed Actor

<< 3 Thor: Ragnarok >> announced a new concept diagram

1905 Movie Network News recently, Marvel movie masterpiece << 3 Thor: Ragnarok >> published a new concept in the conceptual diagram of FIG, Hella death wore his trademark hair, standing in front of the army. ready to fight. Although we can not see facial expressions Hella, but from the point of view this concept map, Hella unruffled momentum that has overwhelmed the crowd.

In addition to this conceptual view, the film also announced the actor's information mentioned above will be hella death Cate Blanchett plays, Tessa Thompson will play the Valkyries, Jeff Goldblum the role of master villain is high revere Karl Urban's character is fearsome executioner according to previous news, Natalie Portman will no longer starred << Thor 3: Ragnarok> > Thor 3 >> << in the 80-90% will set the scene in the universe, but there will still be a minority Earth scene emerges from the current situation, << 3 Thor: Ragnarok's >> Drama will undertake << Avengers 2: Alltronic era >> 'hammer man' Chris Hemsworth might get a clue from the complex United 2 >> << credits eggs in the back to save Asgard Serbs accordance with plot development, Raytheon will help the Earth Avengers battle villains Olympic record, but now he will be rushed back after the war ended Asgard in Norse mythology, 'Twilight of the gods' is a series of huge catastrophe, the war caused the death of many gods (including Odin, Thor, Heimdall, Loki and so eventually the world recovery and survival of the human spirit and the reconstruction of the world. However, the film may have a story to make some changes, after all, Rocky will participate in the Avengers 3 << >> performances, Marvel will show how this part of the story exciting.

In addition to new signing actor Chris Hemsworth will continue to star in Thor, and 'Hulk,' Mark Ruffalo in the film with Raytheon or a war. 'Rocky' Tom and Sid Naples Burton, Anthony Hopkins and other actors will return << 3 Thor: Ragnarok >> scheduled for July 28, 2017 the movie will be released this summer in Australia shooting.

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Traditional Chinese: 《雷神3:諸神黃昏》曝光概念圖 演員信息揭曉

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