Secretary of the community land grants please misappropriation of 45 people travel to spend 110 000

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Recently, Yunnan Province Commission for Discipline Inspection notification 6 cases of infringing eight musts spirit typical problems. Among them, the new hyper Wenshan Community former party secretary WANG Jian-yong use community land grants 11 million yuan, the organization of 58 people to Beijing, Tianjin and other cities tourism 5 , is removal from Party posts.

Water in Dali, Xiangyun former deputy director of the Pan Xinwu

He served as deputy director of Water Xiangyun, product director of Austin County during HighGuard solid expansion project of the Authority, used his office for others to profit, accepting cash several others sent a total of 35,000 yuan, subject to two years probation, revocation of administrative job action.

Wenshan Xichou supply and marketing director, The Salt Authority Niezhan Wu County

Served as Secretary for the county population and family planning period, used his position to arrange the unit staff to order promotional materials, office supplies, vehicle maintenance and other countries in the name of non-existent expenditure of funds and the use of cash in other funds a total of 986,873 yuan to set up 'small treasuries 'and' small treasuries 'to embezzle funds, illegal issuance of cadres and employee benefits and other expenses, subject to two years probation, revocation of administrative duties punishment.

Lincang Linxiang District People's Congress deputy director Hu Xingze

Make arrangements for the wedding of his son in the process, prior to the organization beyond the scope of dinner tables and the number of filing of the wedding banquet managed objects and collect gifts by the party a serious warning.

Nujiang Prefecture, deputy director of Fugong County Transportation Authority Sang Hay

In the absence of the principal leaders of the unit to consult the report and sent to the countryside to fill orders, secretly allows the driver to drive official vehicles of the unit to send to his family from Fugong Division bottom rack shelf Branch Township end of the village home for the New Year, by the party within the warning.

Wenshan Wenshan City neighborhood offices Xinping new community Pingba former party secretary WANG Jian-yong

Without referrals, use of community land grants, community organizations and residents group cadres and their families, 58 people (including 45 people were involved in public funds to travel to Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Anhui and other provinces and cities travel 5, paid a total of 113,210 yuan of public funds, many times misappropriation of highway construction projects accumulated compensation 187,900.35 yuan, by removal from Party posts punishment, discipline tour of public funds shall be returned to recover all collective account.

Dali Prefecture public Lang Nanjian County town at the end what the village head Luo Hongxiang

He served as village head during the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas received 27 of the villagers to send 11,200 yuan in cash, cigarettes 14, received a low household by sending a cigarette, retain the county government in 2015 Spring Festival Party condolences difficult, difficult 100 pounds of rice households, 100 yuan in cash, subject to one year probation sanction.

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Traditional Chinese: 社區書記挪用征地補助款 請45人旅遊花費11萬

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