Who is the king of off-road vehicles of your mind?

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We must talk clearly defined SUV before answering this question!

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, namely multi-purpose sports car, station wagon-like space has a function, together with the off-road capability of the vehicle cargo trucks.

In accordance with SUV functionality, usually divided into urban and off-road type, now generally refers to those with SUV car platform, to a certain extent on both car comfort, but also has some off-road models.

Cattle car and no cattle, the key seven performance, power, handling, economy, ride comfort (comfort, safety, sexually, usability (space, load, etc. exist between the performance certain contradictions, such as strong economic power is usually not very good, strong ride comfort by the weak

For this topic talked about off-road vehicles, it is a pure off-road SUV type, and city-based SUV pursuit of comfort, handling, economy and so different, a measure of a pure off-road and non-bovine cattle two biggest indicators power and through sex.

Usually pure off-road cars use environment is wilderness, faced-slope, and other traffic Mizusawa, some or no road, which is dynamic and strong high demands, in addition to the chassis too many obstacles simply not cross in the past, which in turn through sexual demanding.

From these two indicators to see, supporting the necessary three-piece hardcore off-road vehicle, non-bearing body, differential lock, non-suspension design, the historical performance of the integrated market model, if money enough, Wang Fei of the Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles G-class perfectly.

Who is the king of off-road vehicles of your mind?

Nunn OF BASIC car PhD, research direction for the automotive transmission and control, intelligence co-founder of electric cars.

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Traditional Chinese: 誰是你心目中的越野車之王?

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