There are scientific material: saline or detergent behind, you really wash fruit?

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(Author: Zhang Liguo home two public nutritionist, senior catering division

We all know that eating fruit can help us intake of dietary fiber, vitamin C, carotene and B vitamins and so on, on human health is very favorable. However, now there are fruit pesticide residue problems, people enjoy delicious fresh At the same time, we can not but be worried. so, how to wash fruit before health?

There are scientific material: saline or detergent behind, you really wash fruit?

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We first look for the problem of pesticides. Pesticides are many types of nature are not the same, but can be roughly divided into two kinds of water-soluble and fat-soluble. Often people with saline or detergent behind to clean, water-soluble salt of certain pesticides compared easy to remove, but for fat-soluble pesticides but not clean, and dish detergent although water soluble pesticides relatively effective, but will leave a residue after washing detergent, must then be washed with plenty of water. water-soluble pesticides and fat-soluble pesticides, flush with water, the effect is to achieve a satisfactory level, it is recommended to clean the fruit with plenty of water method: prepare a brush, scrub in running water, remove by physical friction surface portions of fruit pesticide residues and dirt.

There are scientific material: saline or detergent behind, you really wash fruit?

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1. eat peeled fruit

Mango, litchi, longan, watermelon, etc. are to eat peeled fruit, rinse with water after peeling or slicing like, because the peeling step, so do not worry too much about not clean peel.

2. You can eat the fruit skin

While cleaning the skin can eat fruits apples, pears and grapes, but also can be washed with hot water, such as apples, washed with hot water, it can quickly apple skin preservatives cleansed. Because of the nature of the fruit, the shape is not the same, the cleaning method is varied in cleaning grapes, mulberry and other fruit sauce fruit, sprinkle flour or starch in a bowl, and shift again, because flour and starch tacky, put fruit dirt on the stick, then washed with water on it.

Peaches delicious, nutritional value is also not cheap, but it was not very easy to clean. In fact, you can get wet peaches with water, and then put a handful of salt coated on the surface of peach, salt purpose here is not to pesticide residues, but by rub salt friction surface of the plush peach removed, and then water soak for a while, then rinse.

There are scientific material: saline or detergent behind, you really wash fruit?

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3. Only eat fruit skin

For such easily damaged like strawberries, bayberry and can only eat fruit skin, wash some people choose not to eat directly, so easily lead to diarrhea and other diseases. In fact, this type of fruit is not difficult to clean. First with flowing water continuous flushing several minutes to remove most of the bacteria, pesticides, but be careful not soaked with water, so as not to be absorbed again after the dissolution of pesticides in water and penetrate inside the fruit. available soak rice water, alkaline Taomi have decomposition of pesticides.

More than give you a brief introduction of several fruits washing method. Depending on the choice of different fruits washing method, no matter what time, when the nutritional intake and food safety conflict, we still have to choose food safety first. If you not believe how clean and wash when it altogether peeled to eat, after all, health is the most important.

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Traditional Chinese: 科學有料:鹽水or洗滌靈,你真的會洗水果嗎?

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