AKB48 general election winner will sing a new song Zexy ads

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AKB48 general election winner will sing a new song Zexy ads

Forefront left Haruka Shimazaki, Kashiwagi Yuki Yokoyama from the left post by a column from Rena Kato, Anna Iriyama

According to Japan through Japanese media reports, the idol group AKB48 on December 20 in Tokyo, inside, wedding magazine <quoted > Conference debut on the new ad. It is reported that the ad will only use song song << >> distinguish happiness, this song will win the June 18 8th << >> selection of the Chief Election of members singing. Team General oversight Yui Yokoyama (23 years old expectations 'put into the selection of the wedding,' said, 'thinking about the happy feelings into this song demonstrated more than good, it will be filled with the mood you want to be chosen.'

At the same time, this ad's ninth as spokesperson with the NHK morning drama (A light comes starred should Tamura corner and popular actor in Yoshioka sail (23 years of age. Previously, Kato Rosa (30 years, kana kurashina (28 years old Airi Matsui (19 years, Cecil Hirose (17 years and so have had endorsements. Yoshioka in the TV series << >> where and how loose generations and Haruka Shimazaki (22 years old) cooperation, she said. ' we have a good relationship, you want to give away fragrant one vote. '

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Traditional Chinese: AKB48總選舉優勝者將唱Zexy廣告新曲

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