New energy experts gathered elite Aikawa investigate car battery Breakthrough

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People Chongqing May 21 electricity 20, Hechuan new energy automobile power battery Summit held on, more than 20 new energy experts and industry experts from China, the current situation around the auto industry where new energy, new energy automobile power battery technology development and application prospects and other topics in depth.

'China-made new energy vehicles battery can achieve an electric charge to run 400-500 kilometers, but the cost is too high, the market can not accept,' AMD Power Research Institute Group, responsible person, domestic new energy vehicle power battery development priorities in reduce costs, rather than increase endurance.

How domestic new energy vehicle power battery in order to reduce costs? Through interactive discussion, the experts agreed that, companies must start from the cost of raw materials, production process, quality control, service and other aspects as environmental protection projects, social institutions and consumers It should be given support.

'The Forum is a platform gathering resources, is bound to the new energy vehicles and battery development Aikawa, and the country has played a strong role in promoting.' Aikawa Party Secretary Qiao Jiaming said Aikawa will increase new energy and intelligent vehicle development efforts to bring new energy battery production as a breakthrough, the introduction of the battery, motor, electric air conditioning and other core components of the project. By 2020, the basic form Aikawa new energy and smart auto research and production base, industrial output value of 13 billion yuan.

During the forum, Hechuan District Government and the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute The forum also reached a strategic cooperation. At the same time, AMD Group, a subsidiary of Chongqing Hechuan Chong yuan in Chongqing also force new energy vehicles, Ltd. and other 12 companies signed the order, the total amount of the order of up to 3.682 billion yuan. (Wang Yu Man Gang Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 新能源專家精英聚首合川 探討汽車動力電池新突破

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