Depth judged: BYD New Energy Global sales of the first

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Depth judged: BYD New Energy Global sales of the first

?? When it comes to BYD, except in the new energy field achievements, not by common sense out the card as well as the seemingly strange movements of the market, has become the most controversial topic with Chinese brand depot. ??

Depth judged: BYD New Energy Global sales of the first

?? From early May released by the Federation of Chinese new energy vehicle sales data to see: in April 2016, BYD Auto sold a total of 2089 units of passenger cars in the new energy E6, E5 706 units were sold, Proton potential sold a total of 182 units, 245 units were sold Qin ev, T3 were sold 0 units, hybrid version were sold in 1225 Taiwan Qin, Tang sold 3145 units. the total aggregate sales of 7592 units. At the same time 4 month national new energy passenger car sales 20703 units, BYD new energy vehicles (passenger car sales accounting for 36.7%. undoubtedly, this group derived by the Federation official data is almost non-existent 'water.' before that, further there have been 'new energy vehicles BYD global sales of the first' is a speculation to say. ??

?? According Jady the last three years to see the action, always into electric center for action to promote the development of market models. On the 'iron battery' fond Wang is convinced that the future of society will be large-scale application of new energy technologies as a car or other transportation vehicle's power source. ??

?? From 2008, the first F3e BYD electric car start testing, research and development to 2016 BYD started carrying 'iron battery' rail transport seems to have turned a motorized madness mode technically, while the state's new multifaceted energy policy is constantly adjusted. thorough investigation 'cheat subsidies', and constantly improve the level of technology to enjoy the preferential policies, etc. this means that the Chinese government on the development of new energy sources, with the 'subsidy inducements depot into the' transition to 'with emissions and fuel consumption regulations + market leverage autonomous existence' attitude. ?? Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 深度研判:比亞迪新能源全球銷量第一

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