"Young and beautiful" The show is a fried again and Luo Jin Yan Bo Tang sex scandal it?

Updated: May 21, 2016  Views: 242

Tang Yan looked at as a walk in so many years still silly sweet white edge of passers-by, this time she finally transition to play on burned palace fighting drama << >> the brain young and beautiful! Although this is her progress, but the show has not yet aired, I do not know how to make a level, this thing I still hold reservations.

But the male is Luo Jin ah, right oh we want are the same, they are not always two rumored it is estimated that this publicity will ~~ speculation at this point and let us wait and see!

But as the book is not an ordinary powder opera fans, we have seen a lot of friends in the story adapted screenplay Tucao comminuted fracture, and not too kind to say not feel too happy fiction there is so little of it, HOHOHO ~~ books powder were pat ah!

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Traditional Chinese: 《錦繡未央》這部劇是又要炒一波唐嫣和羅晉的緋聞麽?

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