15,000 military personnel involved in patrolling up roadblocks to prevent drug traffickers

Updated: May 21, 2016  Views: 234

Xinhua News Agency Xinhua recently, the Rio de Janeiro State Security Department has been proposed to apply to the federal government, the army can hope to participate in patrolling the streets during the Olympics. If passed, 15,000 soldiers will patrol the streets to participate in temporary work was originally performed by the police.

Rio state security departments have jointly made by the military to a survey, Rio least six poor communities or in the athletes and delegations to the game the only way, or simply located near the stadium. The military will be poor community portal set up roadblocks to prevent drug dealers out. poor communities internal security work undertaken by the police and the fire brigade.

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Traditional Chinese: 1.5萬軍人參與巡邏 設立路障防範毒販

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