Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung distribute metal lure

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Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung distribute metal lure

Directed by Shen Donatello, Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, Tang Yan, Xu Zhengxi, Karena Ng, and other Fan Siu Wong starred in the movie << >> bounty hunter yesterday issued a 'hunting buddies gold' version of the poster. The poster, Lee Min Ho, two male Wallace Chung protagonist cool handsome appearance, go hand in hand weapons 'grab' gold. They formed the 'golden hunting partner' enhanced version called 'fan girl harvesters' there Yan courage, distribute thick male hormones. 'gold hunting buddies.' posters full of metallic, two men of God shows a high color value 'sexy' temptation. Wallace Chung changed the film funny funny image, dressed appropriately tailored suit cool handsome cold, people see beyond a YO humorous character the other side, Lee Min ho is always cool pressing, a competent leather plus body, a significant hunters brave robust posture. it is reported that Lee Min ho and Wallace Chung first partner starred in the film, with very understanding. Wallace Chung not only in the movie 'proficient' using Chinese, English, Thai, Korean four languages, in the studio but also show superior language talent, but also became a Lee Min Ho's Chinese teacher, to teach him how to speak Chinese lines. the first appeared in Chinese films Lee Min Ho is also very humble, always hold with a learning attitude, often praised Wallace Chung is a very good seniors, many in the crew to get his attention. It is reported that the movie << >> bounty hunters will be released July 1. (Wang Shang

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Traditional Chinese: 李敏鎬、鐘漢良散發金屬誘惑

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