Diabetes prevention knowledge among the speaking tour into town Xinglong Street Community

Updated: May 21, 2016  Views: 183

May 17, health education in urban areas CDC jointly conduct prevention and treatment of diabetes in urban health talks Xinglong street community, a total of more than 40 community residents to listen to the lecture.

There will be two seminars, the staff were departing from the diabetic diet and sports to the community residents to explain the diabetes prevention and control knowledge, advocating a healthy lifestyle residents. Residents alerted the health knowledge and chronic disease prevention knowledge among the residents questionnaire. Active site , << diabetes patients were distributed and self-management of more than 50 manual >>, << >> health world reported more than 100 parts, oil control salt restriction tools, pedometer more than 50, printed towels disease prevention knowledge, more than 30.

The event, popular with residents grasp diabetes prevention knowledge plays an important role so that the majority of residents to strengthen awareness of diabetes, know how to improve the prevention and control of diabetes lifestyle.

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Traditional Chinese: 糖尿病防治知識健康巡講進城區興隆街社區

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