Because the woman forced to break up tight and entertainment lovers have?

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Every time entertainment stars published romance, break up the network will cause earthquakes, the causes of different opinions. It is said that a lot of stars because the woman is forced to break up tight (including worry faithless husband, marriage or commitment can not be honored and so on, may I ask what is the star For these reasons and break it?

Kenji Wu and Chaolian

Because the woman forced to break up tight and entertainment lovers have?

Chaolian loved Kenji, but the romance eventually broke up a few years. The reason is that it seems to Kenji Chaolian stare too tight, worried that he fell in love with someone else. Before, there had broke the news media, often Kenji Chaolian human flesh around the clock monitoring, including Kenji Wu beat program, she will fly to Beijing to look at him Jianchang. a similar thing has a lot. so well-intentioned, I heard that in order to prevent the time to have a good impression of Kenji Wu Vivian. Unfortunately, Kenji has been true, one day finally broke , and I broke it off.

Lynn and Aaron

That year, when we all thought Lynn Mrs. King will certainly be firmly secured location, they suddenly announced two broke up. In fact, after Aaron Kwok and Lynn love, has been the object when he was married, but Aaron was philandering, there are not less coveted Kwok waiting host. so she repeatedly forced Aaron Kwok, was rejected until it is to break.

Kary Ng and Shawn

Because the woman forced to break up tight and entertainment lovers have?

The two men often show affection with a high-profile post, but the feelings come and go too fast, because that is too tight to force Kary Ng, Shawn difficult to endure, often in private quarrel. Shawn finally chose to break off the relationship with her.

Yu Xiaowei and Gao Yuanyuan

It is said that the two of them broke up not because Chao, but high-round care for Xiaowei too strict, can not accept Yu Xiaowei, a private quarrel continued, leading to the two broke up. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 因女方逼太緊而分手的娛樂圈情侶有哪些?

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