Warrior hall battle scene

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When we complete a series of tasks, conquered Heimdall.

Odin's son, Thorim image suddenly ran for help.

Thorim: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, my home was ransacked, and I was kidnapped.

Odin: Do not be afraid! Son, I sent my new friend, a panda who went to help you drive away the bad guys!

Thorim: Okay, I'll wait for you in Ulduar!

We then embarked on a path of conquest Ulduar:

Tips: single battle scenes, the video itself is nothing exciting point, because there is no text jobs, so there is no theme, we will look at the video, as that stupid narration, please ignore the initiative, mostly in response to a barrage of problems. course, there are many very, very stupid move, forgive me forgive me.

OF: Small warm

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Traditional Chinese: 戰士職業大廳場景戰役

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