Two weeks break in June 2016 CET high-frequency words (DAY12)

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CET Outline Vocabulary: W

wade vt. trip (river), trek

wag vt. shake, swing, swing

waggon n. Convertible car

waitress n. waitress, waitress

walnut n. walnut, walnut tree

. Ward n ward, ward; jail

wardrobe n. wardrobe, wardrobe, hidden dressing room

ware n commodities, goods;. articles

warehouse n. warehouse, warehouse

warfare n. of war, a state of war

warning n. Warning, warning, warning commandment

warrant n. license, commission

wasp n. wasp, bee ant

. Wasteful a waste; destructive

watchful a. Note, alert

watertight a. watertight, waterproof

. Watery a water; wet; boring

watt n. Watts (Special)

. Waver vi swing; hesitant

way n. state, condition, size

weaver n. Weaver, Weaver

web n. net, wire, mesh

vt wedge wedge wedge n;. squeeze

. Whale n whale; Monolith

wharf n. dock, moored by

what a. The ... and as much as possible

whereby ad rely; Rely on the

whilst conj same ... the same time; however

whisker n. beard, sideburns

whisper vt. whispered speaking privately say

white a. white (human)

whitewash n. lime vt. whitewash

whoever pron. Who is

wholesome a. Suitable Health

widely ad. greatly

. Wield vt play (sword); exercise

willow n. willow, willow

wind n. chest, chest

winding n. wound wire a. curl

windmill n. Windmills

windy a. windy, windy

. Wink vi blink; wink

wisdom n. (ancient) saying, aphorism

wither vi. withered vt. debilitated

whereas conj. but, but, on the contrary

witty a witty;. funny

woe n. sadness, grief, anguish

woodpecker n. Woodpecker

workpiece n. work (as) member

workshop n. Symposium

worship vt. Worship vi. church

wrath n. rage, rage, indignation

wrench vt. twist, sprain n. Tighten

. Wrestle n wrestling; fight, wrestle

. Wretched a unfortunate; despicable

wring vt. twist, squeeze, twist, squeeze

wrinkle n. wrinkle vt. make wrinkles

CET Outline Vocabulary: X / Y / Z

xerox vt. & vi. electrostatic photocopying

yacht n. yachts, boats

yearn vi. Miss, miss, longing

yeast n. yeast

yoke n yoke, oxbow;. shackles

yolk n. egg yolk, egg yolk

youngster n. children, teenagers, young people

zinc n. zinc vt. galvanizing ... on Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 兩周突破2016年6月英語六級高頻詞匯(DAY12)

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