Nanny mom common four kinds of practices that you caught it?

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How old is your baby? Your child will never grow up kind of feeling? In fact, today's children is not grow, it is more dependent on their parents when their parents, the children independently of one thing with the chance reduced.

Today, many children are 'clothing to hand out rice to mouth,' large and small things, parents are always arranged, but do it solely dependent on their parents can lead children over independence difference, and both parents and children enter the more tired state. the following is a common practice nanny to your mother, caught it?

1, all the things kids do it

Kindergarten teachers often heard to complain, many children have reached school age, and also does not own shoelaces, do not dress himself. In fact, this phenomenon is everywhere around us.

Because there are too many nanny mother existed. Children have to be able to master the basic skills of age, my mother also from the heart that 'he can not' is not worried that their children will be out of an accident, the child is afraid of hardship. Small wash dress, big school homework to do housework, parents (microblogging) are solely for the children do it. Over time, the children lost the opportunity to experience, but also lost the basic ability hands.

Some experts pointed out: for the children of parents do it every one thing, it means a little less children in the future in this society of competitive parents know, their only child in trouble, help to him instead. when children encounter difficulties, immediately took to do it. so as to improve the child's independence and ability.

Refused to do it, the law should follow the child's growth, from the trivial, and gradually develop the child's ability. When the baby crying again, 'mom dress mom dress', my mother do not rush to put down the things hurry headlong help children do it, but can slowly guide their children, taught him how to dress, you can start with the easiest to open the start button on the system, and then to guide their children learn to wear clothes.

Children learn early hands to do things, because there is no clue, often time-consuming long, the effect is not good. Many parents would rather impatient to get yourself quickly, but to cultivate children's ability and good self-management skills, parents need to have enough patience encourage children to yourself, slowly do, rather than deny the child the learning process.

2, all of the requirements to meet the child unconditionally

Children often hear such a request, 'Mom, I want a new toy,' 'Mom, today the United States and the United States back a new bag. I also want a new bag.' And most of the time we hear the answer is, 'well, as long as the baby is like, my mother will buy you.' indeed, now the family is definitely part of only one child, the child is a parent holding in her hand baby, no matter what the child wants, parents have to do their best to meet. if not able to meet the needs of children, many parents will feel guilty.

The children's parents also seized this mentality, with increasing age, they mention are increasingly high requirements, from small bags, to high-tech electronics and designer clothes, children's material needs higher and higher. And parents Once can not meet their needs, they will cry incessantly, even stalker, many parents see their children as long as a cry, will obediently surrender.

As everyone knows, to meet the child unconditionally, will only make the child's self-centered consciousness expansion, everything will only consider their own, do not take into account the feelings of others. Once the children leave their parents, to put this model to deal with people in a new environment, it is It would be difficult to adapt easily conflict with others, to the child's growth adversely. in fact, the child's growth, the need not only material, but also a love of irrigation.

Parents should let children understand that hard work and hard-earned money. When the children next time proposed material needs, if it is unreasonable demands, mother to learn to firmly rejected him, even to see the child kept crying, Do not give in to compromise.

If the child's request is reasonable, do not immediately go to meet him easily, but should put it differently, for example, allow children to wash dishes, sweep the floor, doing the housework, in exchange for reward children by their own efforts. This allows children understand, will have to pay only harvest, blindly crying, angry or unreasonable is not up purposes.

3, excessive protection of children

Every day, a large number of cases of children injured in accidents continue to occur, often see this, parents' nerves will be stretched extremely tight to their own children 'strict custody', will make the appropriate protective measures.

But do not know that their excessive caution, but on the child protection overdone.

Educate children not to dialogue with strangers is correct, but in the specific process of education, some parents did not do a good analysis, what communication methods should be encouraged, and who is to reject dialogue. These inappropriate education way, is not conducive to communicate with their children to get along with the teacher, is not conducive to his contacts with other peers. affect the child's skills.

When the child and the child trouble in a conflict, some parents would warn their own children, 'this will not play with a certain' point of departure for parents is good, but in fact, the children will be because of this friction, but also know how people communication. children grow up too smooth, it will encounter suffering a loss. now there is a new version, called '30-year-old child,' had gone to the thirties, everything can not stand still, not the elders can not panic on his side all day. it is also part of the consequences caused by overprotective parents,

The mother and baby should be how to prevent themselves over protection?

Give them encouragement and let go in order to fulfill the key. He was very brave to tell the children, you can do many things independently in everyday life, the mother may wish to encourage the kids to the downstairs convenience store to buy things, let him take the initiative and contact with other children, etc. and, of course, is considered safe, the mother can follow their children around quietly observed.

Secondly, do not forget to let the children their favorite thing in secure conditions can allow children to touch his curious things. Let children enjoy to explore, in order to cultivate the child's ability to innovate.

4, disturb children work

Children do things heat for three minutes, and can not concentrate. Very likely comes from behind a love regardless of time disturb mother.

Children are attracted to new things around, love to explore their research. When a child is seriously playing with a toy, or seriously in a story book, children in concentrate, a highly excited state. This time, they are particularly sensitive, understanding and memory capacity is also very strong.

If the mother suddenly appeared and asked hastily 'baby doing ah? Mom look' 'Where does the? What her mother taught you,' the child will not only interrupt the train of thought, but also cause the child to distraction. Over time, the child will develop in terms of things hard to concentrate, three-minute heat habits.

I believe children's abilities, give recognition and support

When children tell an adult, 'Let me try' time, indicating that the children want their own independent completed. At this time parents should respect the child's wishes learn to quiet to observe the child. When the child is having problems, it extends assistance hands to guide him how to solve the problem.

If the child share the joy with you, the parents can try to tell the child, 'You do good, next to continue refueling,' that kind of thing to encourage him to make sure the parents of the children have more confidence on maintaining heat. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 保姆式媽媽常見4種做法您中招了嗎?

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