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Jellyfish News Network May 22 (YMG reporter Qu clouds) in less than 20 days, the 2016 college entrance examination will be kicked off, many parents and students have entered the state of readiness of high tension, this time is the most critical student entrance the fighting on, because a lot of brain-consuming brain cells, either physically or mentally from the need to keep up with nutrition. the diet should be how to arrange the front entrance, with plenty of nutrients to ensure the body, and will not critical moment the ball dropped it? reporters yesterday We interviewed Yantai Yuhuangding hospital of nutrition Song Xinnuo director.

Each meal should be vegetables, dark color more than half

Song Xinnuo director, said the candidate should be a balanced diet, food diversification, mainly cereals, the daily diet should include Valley potato, vegetables, fruits, poultry meat, eggs class, soy nuts and other foods. Daily intake of food is not the kind less than 12 species, one week less than 25 species. meals do eat breakfast, eat lunch, dinner to taste. breakfast should have food, eggs, dairy or soy products, with the main staple food for lunch, to have food, vegetables, meat, fish, species may be more, the same way with dinner and lunch. staple food not to be too fine, to do with the thickness, corn, millet, rice, flour doping eat, learn to eat whole grains, cereals, miscellaneous legumes, such as red beans, beans, brown rice, oats, etc. meal vegetables, vegetable best dark color more than half, to eat fruit every day, every day can be appropriate to eat nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, jujube class. Song Xinnuo Director recommends that: if the child learned relatively late at night, you can have a cup of hot milk is conducive to sleep.

Do not pay attention to girls anemia

For girls, Song Xinnuo director should be careful not to remind anemia. 'Anemia adolescent girls easily, which is why one of the high school girl on a boys feel inferior stamina reasons may be appropriate to add to the girls liver, lean meat containing relatively high iron things. 'in addition, Song Xinnuo Director recommends that students can not be too picky eating, poor nutrition of children may be appropriate to add protein powder, vitamins, trace elements and other nutritional supplements. If you want to timely treatment of anemia. to learn Note that work and rest, appropriate activities put down the book and let the body rest.

Taboo overeating

It's a student and even any need to follow a nutritional iron law.

Parents do not arbitrarily change students' eating habits and dietary laws, not because of the forthcoming examination he persecuted child he kept eating, causing children to eat too much, keeping the original order of life is the right approach, the second is not to give students usually do not eat or do not eat like to eat food, so that the children and other adverse physical reaction symptoms. parents should not give their children do not mess mess up, do not nourishing.

During the college entrance examination, the candidates very sensitive to overeating and malnutrition. Under the premise to ensure nutritional balance, should be appropriate to increase the high-protein, high phospholipids, the main energy food high in vitamins. Glucose is the brain's activity, unless you eat a meal or eating too less, will lead to a lack of a source of glucose, which affects the brain's thinking ability. in addition to the usual rice, flour, the staple food but also eat some coarse grains such as red beans, mung beans, black rice, brown rice, etc. these foods contain vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals relatively high.

Catering not too greasy

In fact, a lot of pressure entrance to parents, if parents give their children to eat meat and fish, and cooking way too greasy, will increase the burden of the intestinal tract, nutritional imbalance appears so reasonable nutritional support is very important, the focus should have three meals a day diet different.

Must eat a nutritious breakfast. The importance of breakfast is not just for students, and do not eat breakfast, it is very easy to aging. Upcoming college entrance examination students mental consumption of large, but the students in the morning is a good memory, the mind very sober time, so Song Xinnuo director with special emphasis must eat a good breakfast, must have food, eggs, milk or soy milk, etc. also have the breakfast staple food can be steamed buns, steamed bread, noodles, etc., can be added whole grains, add enough carbohydrates provide glucose the brain needs. with milk, yogurt, soy milk, steamed or boiled eggs and other protein supplement, both for nutritional supplements, not easy to hunger. You can also eat some vegetables or fruit.

Chinese food is not too greasy. Morning after the study, children need extensive lunch timely nutritional supplements. Students greater pressure pro forma, is apt to cause constipation, can eat more whole grains, potatoes, and celery, rape, cabbage, crude fiber food, because they are capable of regulating gastrointestinal effects. parents can arrange some meat, eggs, soy and other foods containing high protein, but avoid too much fried food, fried. to add moisture, can be prepared a little broth (such as tomato soup, seaweed soup, vegetables and pork soup.

Dinner should be light digestible food mainly because students long night to learn, so the evening had to replenish energy, weight loss can not listen to the students and other similar words, is not to lose weight at this time. Dinner porridge, porridge not only because can provide good nutrition, and very easy to digest such as millet and mung bean porridge, millet is rich in tryptophan, has a hypnotic effect, and easy to digest.

Drink cold drinks and beverages

Before the entrance, what food is best not to touch it? Songxin Na director, said the best to eat ice cream and other cold drinks, beverages, in particular carbonated beverages and sugary drinks can not drink much. Hydration mainly by water, mineral water.

In particular need to be reminded annually to a college entrance examination, supplements advertising overwhelming, many parents of children the results, have spent a lot of money to buy supplements, but the results are not always satisfactory. In fact, neither health care products improve test scores, they can not improve IQ part of health care products production operators with false, exaggerated, untrue to claim that their products can be improved and so on IQ and achievement, in fact, mostly a misnomer.

For entrance nutrition arrangements, as well as 'the right medicine' for children of different situations recommended Featured Recipe. Songxin Na director hope that parents and students can rationally deal with the college entrance examination, not to produce too extreme emotions, because that it will have a negative effect.

June 2 - 6 Reference Recipe

June 2, Thursday

Breakfast: Hanamaki applesauce, milk (or soy milk), a boiled egg, fried bubble cowpea fruit: banana (or cucumber) 1 Lunch: 2 rice (black rice, standard meters), black fungus mushroom sliced yellow, red pepper fried cucumber, radish seaweed soup ribs dinner: rice milk, green onion pancakes, Caijiao celery pork.

June 3, Friday

Breakfast: Sauce packets, milk (or soy milk), Fried three wire (lettuce, radish, carrot), quail eggs, two fruits: kiwi (or peaches) 1-2 Lunch: red bean rice, konjac burn duck, red pepper fried cauliflower, mushroom head winter amaranth soup dinner: celery pork buns, fried eggs, tomatoes, minced curd.

June 4, Saturday

Breakfast: bread, milk (or soy milk), fried eggs, a halogen spiced tofu fruit: strawberries (or plum) 5-6 Lunch: 2 rice (rice, millet), spiced fish consumption of children, multicolored silver (bean sprouts, carrots, lettuce), Coprinus Zhugan Malabar Spinach dinner: polenta, egg sponge cake flavored pork.

June 5, Sunday

Breakfast: sesame rolls, milk (or soy milk), boiled egg, anchovies fermented fruit: apple (or turnip) 1 Lunch: rice silver (corn grits, standard meters), black fungus, bamboo shoots chicken, sweet and sour cabbage, mung bean pumpkin soup dinner: leek pork dumplings, garlic rattan vine vegetables, minced meat fried cowpea.

June 6, Monday

Breakfast: bread and strawberry jam, milk (or soy milk), a boiled egg, cucumber fruit sauce: Valencia orange or white radish 1 lunch: buckwheat rice, mushrooms, cabbage, sweet and sour fish, tofu Wang blood loofah soup. dinner: mung bean porridge, cabbage, pork buns, shrimp and melon.

More bananas can ease the tension

Ease tensions foods: bananas, walnuts and other foods containing vitamin C and more,

Maintenance eye foods: contain Vitamin A-rich foods, carrots and animal offal such as liver,

Enhance memory food: more food containing DHA, is good for the activation of memory, such as cabbage, bean,

Prevent brain fatigue foods: foods rich in vitamin B, such as soy,

Compression foods: tomatoes and citrus chocolate, but remember not too much.

Relatively quiet Candidates can eat red food, can play an active role in the brain.

The more impatient candidates can eat more calcium-rich foods, such as bananas, milk, yogurt, fish, shrimp, sesame and so on, are all good choices.

In addition, black foods can play a certain degree of sedation, such as black beans, mushrooms. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 高考前飲食巧安排 女孩子註意不要貧血忌諱暴飲暴食

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