Teenage gang member arrested students masked robbery as "problem youth"

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Original title: Handan juvenile robbery gang of masked students

According to Xinhua News Agency 8 or drop out of school or divorced parents 'problem child' when wandering gathered together, the 'black hand' extended to the age of middle school students, high school students would be designed to grab the electric car 'masked man.' Recently, this 'masked' by some members of the gang Handan County, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau Detention law or control, including the oldest 17 and the youngest 13 years old.

January 18, a middle-aged man to Handan County Public Security Bureau report, saying his son was on his way from school in the afternoon, several masked men assaulted, robbed the electric car, the location is near the Han Kuang High School East Campus. Handan County POLICE Bureau retrieval of surveillance, found four young men committing the crime, but because they are wearing a hat and white when committing the crime of 'V vendetta' mask, unrecognizable their identity. a few days later, yet another similar case occurred in Congtai .

Handan County Public Security Bureau set up task force, after careful investigation and comparison repeated more than a month, a robbery gang has been revealed. April 22, the panel in Handan City, the eastern section of road will be spinning Zheng Moumou captured. According to Zheng certain confessions, the panel continuously squat, the gang have the surname Wang (key members, Xu Moumou, Wang, Moumou, Pan Moumou and others captured.

The trial identified the group since the beginning of 2016 to the beginning of premeditated intimidation, beatings and other means electric car robbery school students, followed by disposal of stolen goods for cash consumption, has seven crime, robbery electric cars 7, worth 200 million yuan.

Currently, eight gang members, four have XingJu, one released on bail two people at large, a person who has not reached the age of criminal responsibility to be the guardian brought home education.

Investigators preliminary understanding that several suspects, some divorced parents who work or long-term, some because of poor academic performance often skipping or dropping out altogether. Mental immaturity, poor ability to distinguish right and wrong, coupled with the family, school, community, etc. lack of supervision, resulting in psychological distortions, and finally embarked on the road to rob.

'In the ten years of career investigators, this is my youngest detection suspects gang.' Handan County Public Security Bureau of Interpol squadron of police officers often say, I hope more people concerned about the physical and mental health of minors in the community, and for the 'problem youth' promptly take the form of psychological intervention to ease.

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Traditional Chinese: 少年團夥蒙面搶劫學生 落網成員為“問題少年”

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