COFCO clouds town full experience heavy curtain to create business models weathervane

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COFCO clouds town full experience heavy curtain to create business models weathervane

BEIJING, May 22 Japan 21 electric grain clouds town carrying 150 brands round the curtain. Construction area of 200,000 square meters of COFCO clouds town after a year and a half of business ingenuity, 'micro-city vacation' scenes of life gradually improved after the curtain fully experience the re-escalation format, create capital 're-experience' business model weathervane.

Unique brand portfolio rejuvenation experience heavy debut

COFCO clouds full of ideas from the town planning concept, brand portfolio, and other aspects of leisure and pocketed popularity, according to Mr. Zhang Li, general manager of COFCO clouds town 'COFCO clouds hope to promote a town to enjoy the afternoon sun quietly, drink a cup of tea, the taste of coffee lifestyle, we hope that through the town to such a state of life passed to more people, the feelings of this kind of life delivered to more consumers, so that we come out of reinforced concrete, return to one kind of early heart back to a natural life. '

Rich material, brand homogenization of today, people like not just the product itself, but the experience of life in the scene, and put their own emotions. COFCO clouds town's most striking but also a few 'heavy Experience 'format escalating introduces several of the capital's most popular heavy experience project, to meet the needs of the whole audience to experience and emotional sustenance.

Straddling + episodic mix and match color high value 'the experience' micro city resort

COFCO clouds into the town, the internal integration of European gardens and peripheral neighborhoods privileged environment in harmony, lush green plants, water-fountain, landmark 'Big Ben' people in the city quite holiday feeling.

At this time, a time when the heat of summer, COFCO clouds town Street area plants humidification atomizing device to bring a cooler. It is not only a step King, but King completely different seasons bring people hwan new surprises, colorful spring windmill Festival, summer beach coconut green sea festival, autumn crop earth farm in New York, crystal clear winter festival.

COFCO clouds town to 'cross' to the fullest in the May 21 debut of the roof farms, so that more children grow up in the city with close to nature and experience the sowing, harvesting fun .2000 square breathing ecological farm, COFCO clouds will become the town's MINI ecosystem, so that more people in the reinforced concrete of the city to enjoy the pastoral music feelings, experience farming harvest. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 中糧祥雲小鎮全面啟幕 打造重體驗商業模式風向標

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