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Often in the crowd will find so few people: cross-pinching hands, flushed look of distress Or see this:.. 'At this time Lin just could not help but blush rose, earn go' it seems in the traditional sense : people used to blush easily classified as shy, introverted family (and as the author of the nerve is thicker than leather, never above situation exists ~~).

Blush easily, not their fault.

Blush this phenomenon exists only in humans, has a unique character. Blush is accompanied by sudden shyness produce natural reaction. It is interesting that people in the blush and the 'fight-flight response (fight-or-flight response)' appears awkward , it is activated by the sympathetic nervous system.

One argument is very simple: human reason is blushing with embarrassment, shyness, distress and other emotions, the human body caused by reflex sympathetic nerve activity, increased secretion of catecholamines substance to norepinephrine, which then lead to rapid heartbeat , telangiectasia, that is manifested as blush.

Blush is as follows:

Nervous, embarrassed, shy adrenaline will keep your blood vessel dilation (called vasodilation), accelerate blood flow and oxygen delivery. Face blood vessels in response to chemical transmitter adenylyl cyclase signal emitted adrenaline popular. Finally, the vein will expand your face, cause more blood to flow through blood vessels.

It is not who you encounter this situation appears blush it?

Obviously not, for example, they say that because some people experience more, in case things calm, and gradually it will not blush there is a saying: capillaries with human facial skin related to the distribution, the distribution of wealth, in tight, I blush more obvious. I believe that the distribution of facial capillaries less is a necessary condition, experienced various trials and sufficient condition.

Blush, sex Age:

Many people have problems blush, but those very pale complexion is more obvious. Although women tend to blush more often than men, they are also more adept at masking their problems and skilled cosmetic procedures. According to statistics, teenagers are more likely than adults blush this is due to the lack of appropriate response mechanisms hormonal changes of puberty or pressure.

Blush this phenomenon exists only in humans, it has a unique character. Blush is accompanied by sudden shyness produce a natural reaction.

There will also blush following conditions:

Or sports drink after 1

This principle and the principle is similar tensions are due to sympathetic nerve cause.

2 congenital telangiectasia

In everyday life we often see some people facial skin redness, and the naked eye can see a section of the expansion of the capillaries, some red or purple porphyritic, point, line or star damage, which is telangiectasia disease, commonly known as blood-red silk. most are acquired, there are some patients with congenital facial telangiectasia is the main reason for the appearance of influence, mainly in women, clinical manifestations of filamentous face, dot, stellate-shaped or flake erythema.

3 rheumatic heart disease

Rheumatic heart disease is typically characterized by a mitral valve face, showing double zygomatic purple red, dark complexion, lips mild cyanosis, finished with just about sports.

4 Gaoyuanhong

Gaoyuanhong refers to people living in the highlands, the face appears flaky red patches or lumps. Gaoyuanhong the cause was mainly due to the climate and environment caused by the stratum corneum of facial skin is too thin, telangiectasia exposed to the surface , exhibited symptoms of redness.

5 systemic lupus erythematosus

It is an immune system disease, more common in women. Manifestations of erythema on the bridge of the nose is often connected to both sides of the cheek erythema, forming a butterfly-shaped rash.

So, it is not necessarily shy blush or thin-skinned, but also because the disease may be caused by reasons. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 愛臉紅,真的不是年輕人專屬

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