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May 13, Friday, misty rain enveloped the town of Ho Majiang Weng Bao Zhai village Wu Ma Yang gives a more 'landscape people' enjoy the fresh and 'paradise' like refined feel. Has opened a few bus into the stockade in front of the parking lot, got out one by one excited tourists, four out his camera to take pictures.

July 2014, 42 projects Majiang integration sector, invested more than 30 million yuan of funds from the fields of infrastructure, industry and vigorously promote the development of the black sheep hemp walled construction. 2015 '51', re-appearance of the black sheep hemp Walled Majiang quickly became a shining pearl of rural tourism, tourists flock.

'What a splendid mountain native picture.' We all the way through in the stockade, saw the introduction of Shaanxi Haisheng Group garden strawberry soilless cultivation of strawberries all dripping red, slate and ancient cobbled street new trees flourish, floral bursts small farm house, surrounded by walled side gurgling river and over, set off one after another, Miao Diaojiaolou patchwork, constitute a beautiful dynamic landscape painting.

Villagers should dragon culture is preparing for the upcoming tourist group of 80 people: 'Ciba guests want to play, live pig eating soup blisters, but also engage in campfire and get ready to fully point.' From last July farmhouse opening date, he has been generated over 10 million.

Under the guidance of the government, black sheep hemp Walled villagers with land shares cooperatives involved in the development of blueberry industry, with capital shares to participate in management and development of water recreation, parking, etc. Only 73 of the 320 people in a small stockade, per capita income from 2014 3700 yuan increased to 7800 yuan in 2015, 34 Quanzhai all poor households out of poverty.

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Traditional Chinese: 烏羊麻寨:鄉村旅遊吸引四方遊客

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