Summer heat harder and harder? Using dried tangerine peel can expel heat Huashi expectorant

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In this paper, medical guidance: Second Hospital of Guangdong Province Huang Han, deputy director of Chinese medicine over

Citrus, Rutaceae orange cultivars and dry mature peel, also known as orange peel, long after the release because the color becomes dark red, orange, also known as The herbs rich in Guangdong, Fujian, Chongqing, Zhejiang and other regions. << daily Materia Medica >> pointed out: but who is out on Guangdong, more than all, followed by many years even better Guangdong Sihui orange peel again, the new area will be produced by the quality, and produced in the region of the state of orange. Citrus is inside the top grade. << >> records Materia Medica words, 'orange peel, qi and cold, BOC wide stagnation, stomach health movement, Lee Chang organs, spleen and stomach for the San drugs also ...... Higashigaki said, to Mrs. stomach-based, and healing to bring gas first, gas to adjust the spleen who work the home of their first Orange Yan. '

Common citrus reticulata what effect?

Citrus flavor hard, warm. There spleen, lung, reasonable gas spleen, dampness and phlegm in effect, for the spleen and stomach qi stagnation manifested as poor appetite, abdominal distension or cough, phlegm manifested as mediastinoscopy conceal nausea, cough white slurry foamy sputum best. Citrus is also commonly used in the compatibility of AIDS tired tonic herbs such as foxglove, Placenta, gelatin, etc., to tired of the gas to its stagnation. in addition << >> outline described the drug as well as the ingredients Solutions Anabaena toxic effect, so a lot of people in the Guangdong region like steamed fish when they are put orange peel.

Modern pharmacological studies have also suggested Citrus expectorant, anti-ulcer, promote gastrointestinal motility, dilating coronary blood vessels and other effects, and therefore belongs to phlegm and Qi Stagnation old chronic bronchitis, asthma and Spleen wet storm chronic gastritis, peptic Citrus ulcer patients may wish to use as part of the daily care ingredients, but itself syndrome is phlegm in the resistance, Yin deficiency patients are less suitable for use orange peel as therapeutic health care products, nowadays many patients cough frequently choose clothes orange liquid cough sputum is not appropriate, especially those belonging to the dry cough, Yin cough, phlegm patients cough, sputum cough choose clothes orange liquid useless condition.

Citrus Health Recipes

1, dried tangerine peel duck pot melon

Citrus 10g, duck 500g, melon 500g, barley 50g.

Practice: duck gutted, washed, cut into small pieces, melon cut into pieces the size of the duck, add water 2000ml, boil into the above-mentioned ingredients, cook 1 child under salt seasoning and serve .

Benefits: summer season sweat more, and Yin will wear, and the old duck nourishing Yin effect, is nowadays very good health ingredients, old duck compatibility Chen Pizi not greasy, good play to its righting AIDS Yin effect. square Jianpihuashitang, Ziyinqingre can be described as young and old, is a very good summer season eradicates summer nourishing soup.

2, dried tangerine peel green beans lily sugar

Green beans 200g, orange peel 10g, lily 50g, borneol sugar 100g.

Method: green beans after boiling water into the dried tangerine peel, peeled, lily cook 1 hour, put the sugar flavored drink to room temperature

Efficacy: refreshing thirst, Anshen, is a good refreshing summer therapeutic side.

3, dried tangerine peel tea

Citrus 3g, tea 10g.

Practice: both in boiling water after drinking brew for 5 minutes.

Effects: Spleen digestion, weight loss Cellulite.

Citrus tea with general compatibility gas line category as tea roses, tea rose, for Qi stagnation constitution more suitable for the crowd, but the ferrite Yin, no people drinking qi stagnation can easily occur on the throat, Changdou etc. lit performance. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 盛夏濕熱難當?巧用陳皮可袪暑化濕祛痰

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