Yongsan Tujia musical "Xilankapu" curtain

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Yongsan Tujia Musical << >> curtain Xilankapu

The evening of May 16, by the Bizika Longshan County Longshan County Performing Arts Company and Palawan scenic Jalan combined to create large-scale musical << Tujia Zealand Karp >> Miao children in the county car jintanzhen fishing village curtain, thousands of tourists and the masses to appreciate this beautiful track audio-visual and cultural feast.

According to legend, the Queen Mother at a meeting held in peach, light glance because fairy flowers heart on Fox was banished under the mortal world, she was fined one thousand brocade weaving before the original homing within a year. So reincarnation fairy flowers beautiful fishing car River a farmer's home, this is pretty clever girl Tujia Zealand. Zealand girl dance while brocade side, when the first one thousand brocade weaving soon be finished manslaughter drunken father, her blood spattered cloth , out of a string and a string of fiery red flowers. this is the Tujia brocade 'Xilankapu' folklore.

Musical << >> Xilankapu adaptation is based on the spread for thousands of years of folklore from Labor to create sublime theme throughout the play, to show the true romantic, grand artistic pursuit. Whole show into the Tujia folk songs, marriage songs crying Tujia, Tujia Waving dance, Tujia Mao goose and other cultural symbols, the entire musical full performance of the Tujia children for a happy life yearning.

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Traditional Chinese: 龍山土家族歌舞劇《西蘭卡普》開演

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