2016 Central Zhejiang bike Sai Anji start: the mountains between speeding recklessly

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2016 Central Zhejiang bike Sai Anji start: the mountains between speeding recklessly2016 Central Zhejiang bike Sai Anji start: the mountains between speeding recklessly

2016 Central Zhejiang bike Sai Anji SP: recklessly speeding mountains between Li Tingting photo

BEIJING, Huzhou, May 22 (Reporter Li Tingting spinning wheels, cool equipment, riding friends dressed in uniforms, waving the banner cry ...... 22, 2016 Beautiful corridor - Central Zhejiang Bicycle Tournaments (Angelina station and the '5 · 26 love Road day' week opening ceremony held in the town of Zhejiang Province, more than village TIANHUANGPING Anji County, 19 teams from Anji, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Shanghai and other places of 144 people speeding in the local 'Yan high value' on the track, in the mountains between bike feel as athletics bring hearty pleasure also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

22 am, more than Anji village on three sides surrounded by mountains, beautiful eyes are all that day the weather is cool and pleasant, unmanned aerial vehicles hovering over the village over, the athletes dressed in neat uniforms, with cool mountain bike, doing warm-up exercise, the crowd around the track on both sides frequently, from time to time issue or admiration exclaimed, bustling scene.

With the popularity of low-carbon environmental protection concept, and now more and more people cycling like working tired, leisure time can be a friend about the bike to the beach turn around, relax, like the excitement, you can ride a mountain bike to Linhe between mountains and adventure, the pursuit of speed, you can join the bike 'ALICE' group cycling journey enjoy beautiful places ...... people enjoy life through cycling the same time, the body with the rotation of the wheel riding the 'hot' lineup, 'Knight' group becomes larger.

It is reported that the 2016 Central Station to Sai Anji Zhejiang bike over the village as a starting point, via Whitewater Village, Ao, the Lingfeng Temple, Wucun Yokoyama et al., A total length of 45 km. Competition is divided into men's road project groups men's mountain group, women's groups and organizations.

Angelina known as 'Guanghui' Art Institute of Chicago, is the first ecological county, 'UN Habitat Award' for the county. While economic and social development, Angelina Guanghui also lasting bonds with sports, cultural activities and become attached large brand competition emerging, nationwide fitness campaign vigorously.

In recent years, Angelina transportation sector organizations to enhance the implementation of tourist traffic Link renovation project, by connecting 12 towns and 62 villages, forming a total length of 190.3 km road landscape and visual horizon landscape, and 'China Dazhuhai' 'Huangpu River source ',' white tea fragrance ',' Masahiro hometown 'and other four fine demonstration zone, so that road construction from a single to a colorful green, hierarchy, gentrification development,' color 'of the road,' stained 'a rural road apartment in view of the beautiful avenue, the local beauty like pearls series.

Anji County Magistrate Shen Ming-right, said ring Zhejiang bicycle race and the 'love path 5. 26' Awareness Week activities in the mountains, distinctive village held more than beautiful, in order to promote more people to join and fitness Ai Road maintenance of way team, close to nature, enjoy the green life, enjoy the beautiful road riding. in his opinion, this is another new initiative Angelina outdoor sports, cultural activities and leisure travelers combining.

Along the way, brings speed breezy blowing in his face, next to the rippling clear water, lush green hills in the distance, allowing 80 players Hangzhou Ding Jiaying a pretty good mood, she said, dizzying scenery, so she riding is also not feel tired.

In the opinion of professional athletes, Angelina has first-class ecological environment and road conditions, and mountain detours, combined with some very steep physical test, complete with organizing large-scale road cycling race conditions. In recent years, notorious Anji ecology road , but also to some teams Shanghai, Hangzhou and other surrounding areas to become regulars here.

Eventually, after a fierce rivalry, Innova -BMC Zhe Step team won the group championship, the team of Liu Fei 1 hour 03 minutes and 11 seconds to score to win the men's road champion, Zhao Qin 1 hour 17 minutes 55 seconds to win women's champion, while Angelina Xiawei from 798 outdoor sports league by virtue of one hour 07 minutes 10 seconds achievements won the men's mountain champion.

After the game, the players still more than beautiful scenery Anji village reluctantly, full of people, cars to drive to become a flowing landscape. (End

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Traditional Chinese: 2016環浙自行車賽安吉開賽:青山綠水間肆意飛馳

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