Guangyuan: Weekend go together three piles nectarine town picking Park

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Guangyuan: Weekend go together three piles nectarine town picking Park

Children experience the fun of picking (Photography Takashi Agriculture

Sichuan International online channel reported (Xu Qin: one bright nectarine covered with branches, coveted eat one, sweet in the mouth, in the heart of the United States ...... now is the season of ripe nectarine, 5 On 21 May, the village of three piles Guangyuan Ida Lee states Taoyuan town area, to experience the fun of picking people who flock.

Into Taoyuan, then bursts of fruity nostrils, on low stout peach, peach Hongyan one covered with branches, tree-shaded room, hearts full of supple, introduced mouth water.

Delicious fresh nectarines not only allow visitors to enjoy the benefits a real treat, but also to the boss delighted picking Park. According to the three days the town green fruit industry heap farmer cooperatives person in charge Zhang Weiping introduced in 1985 Baozhusi Impoundment after he was placed as emigrants from the reservoir to the town of Ida, his first work outside the home, to help people QUICKER. 2009 home, the team parking lot contract for rehabilitation of the original 30 acres of land left over from the construction of power stations, began planting nectarine, Sydney spring flowers, summer fruit to sell, but also attracted a large number of people come to pick ecotourism.

Currently, under his lead, Ida village, 101 villagers jointly set up cooperatives, establishing more than 600 acres of orchards, planted with nectarine, plum crisp, sweet red green plum, pear, grape, cherry and other fruit trees, 'fruit trees, Office farmhouse, has become the main way to get rich income of the villagers here. our net income a year, more than 150,000 yuan of relief. '

Later this year, Zhang Weiping also grow raspberries, blueberries, fruit and other fruit lanterns, two years later, Guangyuan people can enjoy a rare rarity of fresh fruit.

'Weekend with his family out to relax, close look at nature, can not only experience the fun of picking, and picking your own peaches in the store to buy more than fresh, delicious. Look, children play more than happy ah! 'she had got from Guangyuan city, he said excitedly. picking tour eco-tourism as a new way to make people feel the idyllic natural scenery and experience the fun of hand-picking, enjoy fresh seasonal fruit, by the general public blitz.

It is reported that Ida Village nectarine varieties are early, mid-maturing and late-maturing varieties, from May 10 started to pick, it is expected to end around June 10.

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Traditional Chinese: 廣元:周末去哪裏 相聚三堆鎮油桃采摘園

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