Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

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In recent years, some medical institutions have introduced a new treatment biological therapy, such as 'stem cell therapy', 'repair factor' and so on, but the relevant controversial support for the view that: In recent years, 'immunotherapy' in the field of scientific research in the world limelight is strong, some even considered cancer Terminator, prospects are very bright, but critics have pointed out the view: as innovative research, immunotherapy but has just started, there is a long way from the clinical application of truth to go in the end is what ? >> CCTV << News survey from 2013, it is on this issue given the sustained attention.

One patient spent tens of thousands of Guizhou No effect

First look at the case. Sun Long, 24 years old. 2013 his spinal cord injury. This injury can lead to paralysis, or lower extremity dysfunction, but treatment and rehabilitation but extremely difficult. According to Sun Long himself said, because the spinal cord injury, lower body are affected, walking muscular dystrophy, the most important thing is to eat and drink Lazard, did not break out eating, drinking also did not break out, more strenuous walk, so do not pull its weight. agonizing, living death.

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

For the treatment of disease, the initial Sun Dragon in public hospitals underwent surgery, and later carried out rehabilitation, but the effect is not ideal. Sun Dragon began around a doctor, search for advice on the network, and soon there is a so-called 'hospital' website customer asked him to leave your phone number, after which he continued to receive the person claiming to be a doctor on the phone. Sun dragon feel each other's attitude should be proactive than other medical institutions, patience, enthusiasm, positive, the other side also claimed a 3-50000 course, it is possible to achieve 90% recovery.

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

'Doctor' did not see the film, not to diagnose the symptoms alone, Sun Long said to myself, we can conclude that rehabilitation can reach 90%, although some hesitation, but still want to try Sun Dragon.

November 2013, Sun Long came to his online search to top-ranking 'armed police in a hospital.' According to Sun Long said, was 'Doctor' indicates a 'triple nerve repair therapy' to treat him.

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

The so-called 'triple nerve repair therapy' is a biological therapy, according to promotional material provided by the hospital, its text can be roughly divided into two parts, one of which is the definition of therapy: 'triple nerve repair therapy is a nerve factor, physical therapy, rehabilitation therapy one integrated system of new therapies. '

The results of treatment can be imagined. In fact, the Sun Dragon receiving treatment after a few days to feel strange, one of his fellow told him that some patients have expressed spent thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of treatment but to no avail, the hospital is a lie.

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

A few months later, the Sun Dragon despair back home.

Some medical institutions symptomatic under 'medicine' miracle cures

Sun and dragons, many patients have similar experiences. Sun Long to reporters provided a list of patients, including more than a dozen patients, he told reporters that they have received so-called 'triple nerve repair therapy' were spent a few million, but no effect.

So, this therapy has a scientific basis for it? Kan Fung increase Xuanwu Hospital of Neurosurgery, deputy director, said he had never before heard of in the industry have this new technology. According to him, the main method of treatment of spinal cord injury is still rehabilitation training, but because of its slow effect, the degree of recovery is limited, and the patient's psychological and emotional expectations are always gaps, which also led to many patients, hope to find in reality does not exist 'cure.'

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

Some medical institutions just use the patient's psychological, match up, symptomatic of 'medicine' according to the reporter's investigation, it is easy to see that these 'treatments' have similar routines - some 'high-tech' or 'innovative therapies 'in the name, to carry out clinical treatment, greatly exaggerated effect, while charging exorbitant fees and when a therapy is disabled, another new treatment is quickly replaced, get a bunch so that ordinary people simply do not understand the new concept out , face-lift, beautifully.

Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital of Nanjing University Medical School in internal medicine, director Zhu Dalong has 30 years of clinical experience, and has been actively exploring new ways to treat diabetes.

According to Professor Zhu Dalong introduction, who claims to cure incurable diseases of new therapies in self-promotion, its content and contains some of the medical field are closely related to the ongoing exploration of cutting-edge information. While this information is not accurate, but after packaging, the patient will be very tempting.

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

Many 'new treatment technology' only in the exploratory stage

It now appears that one of the core of the problem is the application of new technologies in the end to what extent? May have been used in the medical field is still at the exploratory stage? Moment, many people have seen in the news about stem cells, cloning such news, biological therapies mentioned above also contains more stem cell concept.

According to experts, since the stem cells have the ability to differentiate indeed be regarded as having a broad scientific direction to explore the prospects of the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries are to be included in future development strategies of life sciences. But for stem cells, the researchers either or clinicians agree that, should strictly distinguish between the boundaries of their application and clinical trials for scientific research, researchers agree that many countries should adopt a positive attitude to explore, but also for clinical applications generally considered to be prudent and strict.

Professor Zhu Dalong said stem cells to treat diabetes is still in the research trials preclinical, far from the degree of clinical applications in industry reports several about stem cells, the reporter also saw a similar statement:. 'Although China encourage stem cell research, but All current test is limited to the scope of the study, has not clinical applications in addition to hematopoietic stem cells, other stem cell therapy licensed research from preclinical to clinical trials belong to the scope of the study should not be charging patients for stem cell safety and efficacy, global is still in the exploratory stage. '

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

Countries have introduced over the ban on stem cell therapy

From now on, these new technologies to wrap therapy has clear face: the name of some new technology under the guise of the real line flicker is, there are some of the most solid of the new technology, but the new technology is only at the exploratory stage. after confirming its efficacy is far from clinical treatment.

In this regard, the state actually had introduced specification in January 2012, the then Ministry of Health has issued << regarding the development of stem cell research and clinical application of self-correction notice >>, to stop before the year July 1 trial and clinical trials in the treatment of any unauthorized use of stem cells, and stop accepting new stem cell project applications. this is considered in addition to hematopoietic stem cells, stem cell research and clinical application of the 'ban.'

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

However, according to several reporters in the online search to certain securities company production of 'Stem Cells Industry Report', the report said: 'in the 1990s, domestic policy began to support stem cell clinical research and application, to 2012, regulators have been in a more liberal state, in this period, China carried out more stem cell therapy surgery ...... nearly 300 hospitals and institutions to carry out stem cell therapy in 2012, to carry out the practice mechanism of stem cell therapy is the main steering forces and the armed Police hospital. 'it is understood that since 2012, the state health administration authorities, no longer approve any one case of stem cell clinical trials. this means that if some hospitals and then the name of 'stem cell' to implement the treatment is illegal. it is perhaps from that when on, all kinds of 'repair factor therapy' has emerged. Sun dragon accepted the so-called 'triple nerve repair therapy' arises, that white is probably just another name on stage.

Once lively moment of 'high-tech medicine' will come back?

May 9, 2016, the reporter went to Sun Long had received 'nervous triple repair therapy' Guiyang a hospital found that the hospital has changed the name of the hotline on the color pages are also stopped using Sun Dragon by treatment armed police department in a hospital because of outsourcing been processed.

Biotherapy chaos and expose the truth: The new therapies are hoodwinked or new technology?

But related problem has not been fundamentally resolved and as long as there are still a number of incurable diseases, we still have a lot of people eager to 'cure' the emergence of Sun Long was receiving this treatment when he admits that he was sick of living death We hope to have effect. so, those who have a lively moment of 'high-tech therapy', after being produced, there will not be one day, and a new look, a comeback it?

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