"Conscience team" faced with the temptation of advertising "Ode to Joy" to "Money Song"?

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[Xinmin Evening News Xinmin] Recently, there was news that maintaining ratings winner on the screen << >> Ode to Joy has been in the remake of the second quarter, and is scheduled to begin shooting in autumn, and is currently collecting branded, the price is 4.5 million yuan, involving many types of beauty advertising, apparel, shoes and hats, scarves, eyewear, watches, accessories and other ......

How much product placement?

<< >> Ode to Joy aired after the first quarter, it was made statistics, << >> Ode to Joy behind Acknowledgement 31 units, 24 for advertisers, while a single set of advertising number is as high as 10 or more, the minimum 2 minute, up to 15 minutes, it will be implanted in brand advertising.

<< >> Ode to Joy covert product placement, naturally, so many viewers difficult to distinguish. Play, different brands of cars, a Ganmaoling, some brown sugar, ginger tea, a snack, a perfume, a takeaway, a mask, a packages and other names with scroll everywhere, most of the audience is more consistent with the brand's dramatis personae who appeared as Andy, and use of a computer, a Fortune companies choose to Fan Katsumi entry, Qiu Yingying and Guan Ju Haier workplace when a drunk tea Actor lines pop out at any time: 'wear your last CD products will be second to that dress,' 'search dog look, do not know', 'Hermes scarf it' ......

<< >> Ode to Joy placement in the first quarter of the number so far is a mystery. Producer Hou Hongliang said, in fact << >> Ode to Joy has rejected half of the advertising investment, only to meet with the characters and lines, organic plot will be bound by, 'now advertising has become part of our lives, we see in the play all types of cars that is advertising, not really, but according to figures given identity. the idea was later the director is, Some things in life really can be obtained should be added to the list, even if it is not advertising, I have to add later on caused everyone's misconception that all advertising, it is not. of course, there are many implanted again, this is consistent with each character, in line with real-life 'bullet screenwriter Yuan said:' we are more sensitive to a lot of people say that Alipay advertising is advertising, not really but really can not afford to avoid. '.

'Conscience team' to follow the crowd

<< >> Ode to Joy in many brands appear, how many are well implanted in advertising, which is a commercial secret, the outside world is not known. Also, the placement is indeed the theme of urban reality to raise funds is a major advantage. If measured draw the line well, it is possible to achieve 'sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently' excellent state, can raise more funds for the film, it will not product placement, 'Dr. black,' why not. but the problem is difficult to best of both worlds, the ills of film and television industry is pervasive product placement, often makes artistic taste.

Whether the ratings, network traffic, or topical, have topped the list >> << Ode to Joy, is truly phenomenal big drama. Screen hot play of the second quarter, face a greater lure of money. Thus, said 4.5 million yuan that it does not come out of nowhere. let placement is gone, or have self-restraint, this is also a test of wisdom. chuangguandong had filmed << >> << >> << old farmer Peking no war >> << >> << Langya pretender sTANDINGS >> other plays Hou Hongliang team has 'conscience team,' said his 'conscience work' but also because of the subject away from the bustling city and today are related to placement missed this time, the surface for rolling ads 'conscience team' seems difficult to escape.

Excessive fishing gold from the loss

<< >> Ode to Joy was 200 years ago, the German poet Schiller classic poems later, Beethoven said:. '! The Schiller's Ode to Joy >> << made into a song, my desire is 20 years,' thereby , a magnificent, passionate << >> ninth Symphony turned out. now, this world music and drama became our theme song, but people do not want to see is a very, happy << Chung >> finally let the money ruin the art, so that loss of the quality of advertising. currently, the play has attracted placement talking about. Some have questioned whether the crew a little fishing gold 'lunatic' was ironic, 'Ode to Joy' has become a marketing song, Chung money, some people think that 'product placement too cruel!' these words probably too heavy, but worth it 'conscience team' warning.

In fact, there are many Realistic urban drama caused by excessive placement audience dissatisfaction. CCTV Spring Festival Evening placement was once too much, leading to a number of fierce criticism abroad, Drama << That Winter> > placement because too many 'disturbing story' complaints from viewers who were eventually fined. Japan's placement more stringent regulation, not even allowed to play appears placement. << >> Ode to Joy aired early watercress Rating 9.3 points, followed by declining to 7.3 points, is difficult to say that this is not advertising to blame. Since China is currently on TV product placement management or blank, the crew alone discipline. really, product placement too much, not only influence of TV aesthetic effect, it will affect the 'conscience team' reputation. (Xinmin Evening News correspondent Yu Liang Xin)

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Traditional Chinese: “良心團隊”面臨廣告誘惑 《歡樂頌》變成“金錢頌”?

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