Baoji Entertainment Network Time ninety-six

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Baoji Entertainment Network Time ninety-six

Baoji Entertainment Network mysterious old room there are two people, it sails feathers, and turnips. Turnips and more robust body, and that a powerful muscle was like the soul of lead-based vice president of loose money replica dark skin and exudes a healthy glow, though his appearance is still Han Han, but the temperament of the people more than a year ago but better than a lot of calm, especially eyes, was becoming a deep multi-year since he is not much less effort than Huoyu Hao, but also gradually found their own way. and this road also contributed to his future he has to destroy the source of this title.

Hyun veteran Huoyu Hao on his bed, give him to eat some sedative drugs, Fan Yu respectfully: 'mysterious old, rain-ho his situation how?'

Yuen Road:. 'This is the root of his too tightly stretched string Mulao the death of his great stimulus, however, I believe he can stay over three months, he has been relying on practicing his paralysis, let him take rest. break it. after three days, you will leave less-chul will personally escort you to the days of the Empire soul Xijiang Maple City and the moon and the Royal College of mentors who soul handover. fan Yu, you shoulder the heavy task ah! '

Fan Yu said: 'mysterious old, really let the rain-ho first soul ring lifting it up?'

Mysterious old indifferent smile, he said:... 'Some good low-key promotion soul ring not hurry, opponents despise them, there is more likely to learn something they see more, learn more, less and less do what you want to keep in mind these eight characters. can access to the other side of the core knowledge, to see you up. '

Fan Yu nodded and said: 'I understand this line for three years, if they are particularly suitable animal soul, I would give him consider additional soul ring, otherwise it is so pressing their soul ring upgrade to deceive opponents. . '

Xuan Road: 'Matilda church, like us, to come into contact with both sides a number of core knowledge, we open the inner court, they naturally have to open Matilda Hall, but they probably will not be teaching you the card, but certain deliberately teaches you advanced knowledge is difficult to understand. even if you can not fully understand, we should try to record a good study. you will become their focus beware of the object, how good food head cover and rain-ho, is your most important responsibility.'


Mysterious old looked at the bed Huoyu Hao, Chen Sheng said: 'Mulao death had spread the news that the moon and the Royal College of soul mentor changed his mind after the final decision in Maple City to discuss the exchange of students, and the next session. advanced Institute of continent-wide soul division fighting spirit of competition before the start of switching back three months ago, also in Maple City location. relatively speaking, the moon and the Royal College of soul mentor or sincerity, they are also eager to achieve a breakthrough in terms of soul division. after all, compared to us, they are more eager to have the soul of a ten instructors. this line each side sent ten students in the soul of the moon and the Royal College tutor students being sent must include laughter and dreams Red Red siblings, and in our college dispatched personnel, including Huoyu Hao had Mulao promised them into account. we have sent the candidates, the barrier effect of the other eight people to do, turnips, you want to play as much as possible in Matilda Hall, attract Ming German Church's attention. you know what I mean? '

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Traditional Chinese: 寶雞娛樂網的時間九十六

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