Full femtosecond laser surgery to correct myopia gradually in the city to promote

Updated: May 22, 2016  Views: 200

Tianjin Broadcast Network May 22 news: Following the City Eye Hospital, the first in China to carry out a full femtosecond laser surgery for myopia, city Ireland Eye Hospital on May 22 also start to carry out this surgical technique Full femtosecond laser surgery. only one-tenth of the previous incision laser surgery about 2 mm, and the operation time is shorter, about 20 minutes, after a short recovery period, just half a day but experts also warned: not all patients are suitable for myopia to do the whole femtosecond surgery, younger than 18 years old, more than 45 years, myopia more than two thousand degrees, patients with glaucoma and other eye diseases, vision correction particularly bad severe amblyopia force, diabetes and other effects of systemic diseases of wound healing can not carry out item surgery and suggested that people want surgery, be sure to go to regular medical advice, and fully understand the potential risks assessment, then decide whether to undergo surgery. (newscast reporter Fan Yi)

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Traditional Chinese: 全飛秒激光矯正近視手術逐漸在本市推廣

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