"Tacheng mountain blossoms": Xinjiang wedding flowers on the prairie

Updated: May 22, 2016  Views: 161

Send the pro team to the

CNR network Sandy May 22 news (reporter intern reporter Wang Ziwei Wang Jingjing Zhang Lei) yesterday, Xinjiang large network of cultural activities 'Tacheng mountain blossoms' Starting the next day, 'flowers' journalists came to Sandy Bay County antlers Bay National Scenic Area, on the prairie flowers are being held in a Kazakh wedding.

This is not a tourist attraction National Marriage performances, the second is a real wedding. The bride is a Kazakh Student Village, fell in love with a local Kazakh lad, true love story in the prairie flowers are blooming season bear fruit .

Send the pro ranks from the blue sky and green meadows at the end of the way, it is the front impact Tamboura, took accordion orchestra, melodious sound of music, wearing Kazakh dress, covered with a red veil bride bridesmaids and relatives accompanied by sections come back there dowry Tuoma team, did not allow the luxury of the spectacular marriage team.

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Traditional Chinese: “塔城的山花開了”:新疆鮮花盛開草原上的婚禮

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