12-year-old students play phone, exercise less suffering from lumbar disc herniation

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Jellyfish News Network May 23 (YMG reporter Tang Hongtao 12 years the bloom of youth, when 107 reporters yesterday learned from interviews with hospital, the Yantai City a 12-year-old pupils Wen Wen (a pseudonym was suffering from lumbar disc herniation. Even after surgery, she got rid of the pain of torture, but experts advise: Disc trend is toward younger age, parents should pay sufficient attention.

Wen Wen was feeling unbearable back pain, numbness, 107 parents sent her to the hospital for treatment of minimally invasive spine surgery, diagnostic results stunned everyone --- young she actually suffering from lumbar disc herniation, lumbar compression of the nerve. Fortunately, after transforaminal endoscopic surgery, Wenwen lumbar disc portion is removed intact, ruptured intervertebral disc have been restored, just three days successfully discharged.

Nevertheless, Wen Wen's parents still feel frightened when the doctor together with the analysis of the cause, they reflect, Wenwen usually do not like sports, after school love nest at home on the couch watching television, playing mobile phones, computers and other electronic products plus she like to drink beverages, the figure is not high, there are 150 pounds of body weight, suffered too much pressure on the lumbar spine, back and abdominal muscle weakness, loss of balance of the spine, disc strength and flexibility is poor, leading to a variety of reasons she was such a young age suffering from lumbar spine surgery minimally invasive Tu Wen Wen Ren Zhongwu Director reminded parents:.. 'in the future, you must pay more attention to the children, try to avoid making the same mistakes she'

Director told reporters in the traditional consciousness, lumbar disc can only occur in young population. The fact shows that in recent years, disc herniation is toward younger age. 'College students, high school students, students groups have emerged which class of patients, outpatient lumbar disc herniation cases increased by about 75% per year, the number of inpatient surgery increase of 47%. '

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Traditional Chinese: 12歲小學生玩手機、少運動 患上腰椎間盤突出

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