In addition to Lake Chun what fun? September Hangzhou people can enjoy preferential spree

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In addition to Lake Chun what fun? September Hangzhou people can enjoy preferential spree

Public can experience giant net fishing Lin Jianan photo

Chun fun place, not only Lake on Saturday, Chunan County Lake released nine categories of rural leisure products in Hangzhou, but also to the presence of the public presented the organic fish Lake, Qiandao Lake and value of organic turtle 2888 Lake depth yuan leisure travel tickets spree.

Jingshan Lake Village greenway total length of 150 kilometers, the majority of the faithful ride called 'the most suitable for Chinese cycling tour route,' Chun currently has 20 boutique B & B located in the Ming and Qing Mansion lined celery Kawamura, the lotus Mitsuda ...... Chun can enjoy the water, close to the mountain, breathing pure air resort off the lot, with all kinds of modern agricultural parks Chun more than 50, nectarines, dragon fruit, kiwi ...... almost every season is 'picking season '80 peaks over 1000 meters above sea level, perfect for hiking camping ......

Describes so well, it is better to take a trip yourself. Conference ended, the experience of more than 40 groups got on the bus to the Chun, the first time to experience.

50-year-old Singaporean Wang, on Lake 'big net fishing,' already heard. To the scene, he volunteered with the local fishermen pulling together a large network, made a return to fishermen looked at hundreds of alive and kicking large herring, he address him, 'it feels so exciting. never had this experience, with fishing feel completely different.'

Of course, playing in Chunan, naturally, it will not live up to your stomach.

In addition to organic Lake head, Fen mouth turtle culture turtle feast garden, leisure park Lanna agroforestry fruit feast has characteristics .28-year-old Xu Yingying in the catering industry for six years, for her 'Tourism the most important thing, is to eat local goodies on it again. 'she Lotus to recommend fish.' pure white fish white fish, not the kind of off-white mixed with flour. obviously feel the bite to all the fish, with no fishy smell, this is the best fish I've ever had. '

Chun The rural tourism promotion activities, is also preparing a preferential spree Hangzhou public.

Hangzhou people with my ID card or residence permit, during the G20 summit, you can enjoy 40 yuan / person special deals in Lake Lakes tickets. Longchuan Bay, Stone Forest, forest oxygen bar and other rural attractions, as well as Lake part of the hotel, B & B, agriculture and tourism Park, also introduced 30 different ranges of discounts. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 除了千島湖淳安還有什麽好玩的?9月杭州市民可享受特惠大禮包

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