Fun thin abdominal movement patterns practicing the perfect word vest line 11

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Lead: If you want to train a bright vest line to greet the spring, your hand must be a lot of thin abdominal movement, but it canon, crunches, the plate support how do you really know and put aside those boring.? static movement, pattern crunches you have not tried it? they want their practice out of vest line, which Kane had a few tricks! Content source: network of female beauty

Thin abdominal Tips

Want to completely conquer heels, exposed stomach wear, bikini ...... you need not buy buy buy, but first have to have a perfectly good shape. Although the standard of perfection everyone is different, but the hot line will vest absolutely indispensable ! You want to start exercise? Then recommend to you 'after tearing muscle' regeneration vest wire core movement, easier than abdominal Ripper, but the effect of exercise vest line definitely not weak Oh! Just two to three days a week at home in accordance with the exercise of these types of moves, vest and waist line far away from you friends!

Diet with

Of course, also a lot of attention in the diet and cooperation, especially in the early fasting eat that meal, must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and proteins, for example, three apples, a carrot and half a guava juices labeled , with 2 to 3 eggs with tomato, broccoli baked eggs do, in addition, try to 6:00 before eating dinner, usually drink some chia seeds soaked in water, protein supplement at the same time also increase satiety.

In addition, homemade chili oil, pepper or chili powder, dried broken into such healthy 'flavors' is not afraid to eat the food! In fact, hot and humid weather for most of the spicy food, spicy food can help rid the body of moisture, just as do hot yoga!

Hot yoga

Of course, that would not have tall slim lose weight oh no body curve is equal to just skinny, wearing baggy clothes, not completely dry as thin spectacle - so a lot of girls do not look fat, because of the lack of tight lines and appears temperament fall again, all the more weak core strength is not enough, you want to hold is maintained perfect heels, you want to have a stable and confident stance, it is you need to exercise to strengthen core muscles.

The following motion abdominal tear, finish time guaranteed to make you pain quickly, but out of practice vest perfect lines are definitely pack your satisfaction!

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Traditional Chinese: 花樣玩轉瘦腹運動 練出完美11字馬甲線

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