Beautiful and healthy can not stop! With fragments of time can be adjusted body

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Lead: health How long time is actually not necessarily every day to spend a lot of time on the health, even the use of fragmented time, you can have the same health effect, Xiaobian to introduce a few small but effective when used? health small coup, just stick with it, a small health can also play a big effect! Content source: network of female beauty

Debris Time Fitness

Want fitness? No time! Finished up sleep? More tired! Fast-paced life of so many people do not have time health Bian few able to 'skillfully deflected the question' health introduce a few small coup with, you can do more with less.

1, run five minutes comparable to jogging 45 minutes

Curtin University study found that three times 5 minutes sprint cycling or 45 minutes a day, can increase metabolism and promote heart health and jogging, vigorous walk and other sports weekly compared to high-intensity exercise in a short time produce the same results, but also more conducive to stick to it.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

When motion is divided into aerobic and anaerobic exercise, run the latter, can enhance the explosive power and speed of response, to maintain endocrine balance, reduce the risk of falling. Now scholars generally believe that the elderly also need some anaerobic exercise. Run the elderly to do a good job protection measures to avoid wrestling and fatigue. exercise also usually bench press, chin-ups, push-ups, etc., to strengthen the power of the limbs, lower back.

Nap Time

2, comparable to nap sleeping 2 hours 10 minutes

One study found that a daily afternoon nap 10 minutes relaxing effect on the nervous comparable to a deep sleep for 2 hours. If the nap 30 minutes a day can make hormones more balanced, the risk of coronary heart disease by 30%.

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Traditional Chinese: 美麗健康停不住!用碎片時間就能調好身體

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