Guiyang offer the country's first city cloud card

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'Shuang Shuang Guiyang, China number Valley' on the line, the new virtual reality technology presents vivid city natural and cultural landscape

Guiyang offer the country's first city cloud card

May 22, the CPC Guiyang Municipal Propaganda Department with mobile Internet to build the country's first city cloud card 'Shuang Shuang Guiyang, China number Valley' formally launched, make friends all over the world love Guiyang addition of a new understanding of Guiyang window.

Publicity new era of the Internet platform

'Shuang Shuang Guiyang, China number Valley' is the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department Guiyang based on 'micro-world view' technology to create, based on the city's image publicity platform light application of technology for the country's first city cloud card.

Guiyang Municipal Propaganda Department Minister Lan Yi Tong introduced for help Guiyang city cloud card propaganda, optimized environment for tourism development, improve application grandfather data, boosting spiritual civilization Guiyang, have great practical significance. She explained that on the one hand, to create a city cloud business card Party propaganda Department to seriously implement the important speech of General secretary Xi Jinping visited Guizhou during the implementation of 'innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing' five development philosophy, the 'keep the bottom line, take a new path, fairly well-off, 'efforts to create' mountain Park Province colorful Guizhou 'tourism brand, accelerate the concrete practice of building an internationally famous mountain tourist destination. On the other hand, to create a cloud city business cards, Guiyang city, the development of data using a new The new practice cases.

Unique to restore a more real wealth of Guiyang

It is understood that through the new virtual reality technology, big data positioning technology presents a truer, richer, more interactive and easy to spread Guiyang, the city is a major feature of the cloud business card.

'By shooting Guiyang cityscape, landmarks, cultural heritage and natural beauty, its 360-degree panoramic display will Jiaxiu Lou, Hongfu Temple, Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park and other famous attractions of the show in front of the user , allowing users to produce immersive experience, attract more people to come to Guiyang, Guiyang experience. 'for the use of high technology,' micro-view of the world 'Sun founder Paul says when accepting a reporter.

Reporters at the scene by the new VR technology glasses of experience, feel like they are in the air or high-rise buildings in general, with the rotation of the body, the face of Guiyang City, a little show in front of slowly flowing Nanming, standing tall and straight A River Show floor, feeling busy street ...... immersive strong.

Celebrity endorsements for the home

By scanning Guizhou famous opera artists Hou Danmei 'I speak for the home,' Cloud City Card Jiaxiu Lou, and immediately, Hou Danmei clear crisp voice emerged: 'Hello everyone, I'm Guizhou Peking Opera Hou Danmei ...... Dear friend, I to introduce you to Guiyang landmarks --- Jiaxiu Lou. 'then Hou Danmei to Jiaxiu Lou Jiaxiu Lou history and the story of his right, true and interesting, and then looked at a different season of Jiaxiu Lou beautiful scenery, like a person.

As a new outreach application platform, cloud city business cards city has a distinct features and technical highlights is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Time, it Jina historical development of Guiyang urban cloud business card, mainly through 'city, history, humanities, swim,' the four sections respectively show Guiyang city scenes. Meanwhile, in product design, full account of the 'production, city , King, 'the effective integration, to create a new pattern of global travel' requirements.

The space it out of the plane of Guiyang limitations. One moment through the hottest new technology of virtual reality technology, the new VR technology to the 'Shuang Shuang Guiyang' city card into the cloud, the viewer can Guiyang cityscape, famous scenic spots to scan a 360-degree panorama, a true and innovative, highlighting the big data technology contemporary practice.

Culturally, it implements Guiyang culture audio, visual, interactive, three frequency. It is understood that uphold build boutique city cloud business cards, expanding the concept of the city propaganda influence, Guiyang Municipal Propaganda Department invited the well-known writer, calligrapher Dai Mingxian famous Peking opera performer, theater director Hou Danmei Guizhou Beijing, the famous historian Flick, a famous singer, Chinese new Art Music founder and Gong Linna 90 Go national champion Tang Wei star Guiyang and many other cultural celebrities obligations of membership card for the city to offer cloud sound, speak, for the well-known scenic spots in Guiyang said audio recording understand.

Swipe dimensional code easily swim Guiyang

Accommodate panoramic Guiyang City, as long as it can come into contact with all aspects of Guiyang, and that users or visitors how does it work? Are they easy to operate it?

Sun Paul introduced users to access cloud business card very easy to use cloud business card has a fixed two-dimensional code, the user sweep the micro-channel function, scanning the two-dimensional code, it can be very easy to enter into the application. After entering , according to their preferences, choose to view the city, history, humanities, tour several major sections. At the same time, cloud business card is very easy to share and collection, and common micro-channel operations, ready to share with a friend or collection, and not you need to download, the user simply like it, you can always watch collection together scenic, historical monuments.

'Cloud City is a welcoming tourist card good housekeeper, intelligent navigation, route planning, travel tour swordsmen. Whether visitors are in any location, you can navigate by selecting a most suitable way to the area. On the phone also can panorama view any manner of scenic spots, but also point to open a cultural celebrity broadcast speech to explain, visitors can choose interesting sights. 'Sun said Paul. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 貴陽奉上全國首張城市雲名片

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