Dragon Boat Festival holiday to relax swim near Family Fun Tour filial registration fiery

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Reporters yesterday visited a number of travel agencies learned Xi'an, Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Qiayu entrance just after Father's Day approaching, Family Fun, filial tour registration fire, no match for high-speed driving enthusiasm is not free.

Fight false outbound popular line warming

'June 9 this year - The Dragon Boat Festival holiday on the 11th, just three days Thursday to Saturday, Monday to Wednesday if Hugh annual leave, plus the previous weekend, a total of eight days, enough time to travel abroad!' Xi'an a travel agency official said, the Maldives, Bali and Phuket and other popular islands most popular, Paris, Tokyo, London and other international metropolis is also popular with tourists of all ages.

In addition, a group of fame is not very high, but the good reputation of the island as well as small, but very exotic city, advising rates, enrollment rates have also risen sharply, such as Africa, Seychelles, Thailand, Koh Samui Philippines Boracay Island, Mina Vietnam, Laos, Vientiane.

Entrance just after the fire relaxing swim registration

'This year's college entrance examination is June 7-8, 9, is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on the first day, remove the pressure of study groups of students have started graduate tourism, we also laugh called relaxation swim.' Yesterday, at the Chang'an Road, a travel agency the staff is giving parents introduce Schilling tours. Schilling said the children learning pressure, finished have to relax before their own commitment to the child, take him to a exam Hangzhou.

According to reports, a popular destination for domestic tourism graduation there are two categories: one is focused on elite colleges and universities, but also the profound cultural famous tourist cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou and other places, we also include Xi'an, one is for the summer to relax resorts, such as Kunming, Sanya, Lijiang.

Bring Dad hydrophilic Boat Tour

Wang introduced a travel agent, this Father's Day is June 19, is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday next week after making some trips for the elderly 'filial piety Tour' Tourism is also particularly favored. Beidaihe, Zhouzhuang, Tongli in Wuzhen, Huangshan, Gulangyu, Wuyishan landscape travel routes, as well as Buddha Mountain, Putuo Mountain, Temple, Wutai Mountain and other famous destinations to pray, reservation larger than domestic travel hot line have risen about 10%.

A travel agency responsible person, many people, especially the elderly, cherish the traditional Dragon Boat Festival Complex - look at the dragon, eating dumplings look at the dragon Popular destinations include the Miluo River and Hanjiang River, Hangzhou, Wanxian, Southeast, Lake, Zigui, Dehong. Zhanjiang, Yueyang, well-being and other places.

No match for free high-speed driving passion

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is not free high-speed, but this could not stop the enthusiasm of the people like to travel by car. For most people, subject to a small number of days holiday, prefer excursions in the surrounding Dragon. 'Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat race, this year, ready to take the family car to play well-being. 'Mr. Lin said private owners.

Xi'an, a travel agency staff said tour around offer relatively stable, 'tomb - Hukou Waterfall - Yan'an on the 2nd Tour', 'Yuntaishan 2nd tour', 'Terra Cotta Warriors - Huaqing Hot Springs - Mountain - Yellow Bay - Daming Palace 3 tour 'and the' Grand Canyon dam - the Han River Three Gorges - 2nd tour after willow River 'and' gold Gap forest Park - Dan river rafting on the 2nd tour 'and other hot line reservation.

Industry sources say that in June is the critical point of the tourism market peak seasons, transportation, hotels, restaurants, etc. began to rise, coupled with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is a statutory first half of last little vacation, choose catching off-season 'last train' travel has become not workers less choice.

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