2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

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2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

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Just a little interest in sports car fans all know the Porsche camp, a man named 911 turbo powerful guy. There is no other name Porsche GT as long as the word, and that performance is not it terrible, but this year the seventh generation 911 Release change models, namely codenamed 991.2, which even the most basic 911 Carrera, have to spend turbocharged engine. ah ...... 911 such that, what exactly is it 911?

The first question: Why should the overall turbine of 911?

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

Almost everyone should first ask this question because the 3.4L and 3.8L naturally aspirated engine before the old section 911 on the performance, sound, functioning charm is no problem, are very 'Porsche', and and they also opened well and turbo version with reasonable performance gap, so that people go out and buy turbo version of the more peace of mind, so that a reasonable product line and why the two were to use the new 370 horsepower and 420 horsepower 3.0 L turbocharged engine to replace it?

If this issue is to make Porsche himself to answer, they will certainly say: 'For better new 3.0T engine performance ah!' The answer is not wrong, but in fact is not comprehensive enough before, Grandmaster naturally aspirated engine of the Ferrari in his own. put turbocharged V8 engine on the main sports center, he has told us: in the EU under increasingly stringent emission and fuel consumption regulations, more sophisticated turbo technology, it is now the ultra-running and general grocery shopping cart Like, we have to gradually replace turbo machine, in exchange for higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption. no way, sell supercar looks beautiful, but it also depends on ZF face a living ah.

Fortunately supercar manufacturers in terms of horsepower squeeze, always have their own unique offerings recipe. 911 despite the displacement of small, but it can be very Porsche 'fine' to let the new Carrera and Carrera S, respectively, the corresponding output power than the old models in terms of 20 more horsepower and 60 models Nm, and let the new Carrera S's 0-100km / h acceleration performance of 0.2 seconds faster than the old, but for this super sports car, especially for such a turbine supercar, horsepower bigger, faster acceleration, are very easy, is not surprising. on the contrary, I am most surprised that the new 911, in many respects than the old models progress, rather than accelerate aspect.

Site Account Experience: comprehensive than the old models of dynamic performance

. The experience of the new 911, the address is still in the familiar Porsche Zhuhai International Circuit here first arranged two very 'normal' project: slalom and emergency lane changes, these two projects is to make us alternately experience the new and old models, so can the dynamic performance of the two cars are very intuitive comparison. it is one such project, allowing us to experience a significant gap between the old and new dynamic performance of 911.

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

First, both in slalom and emergency lane change project, the new 911 body dynamics have come more compact than the old, more docile, less sloshing around, people driving subjective faith stronger. This phenomenon exists reasons, in addition to the Porsche chassis has been possible to re-adjust the outside, the new rear axle steering system attachments should be denied. the rear axle steering system in the older version unique to Turbo and GT3 version of its Cadillac CT6 principle similar to the set of rear-wheel steering, the car moved at low speed to make a smaller turning radius, similar Slalom in this low speed handling when the body can increase flexibility in the body can increase high-speed cornering stability.

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

Then, very subversive Three people View point: The new turbine power more linear feel controllable and easier than the old machine control self-priming why.! ! ! We have been taught not all 'turbine outbreak of good, self-absorption machine is more linear,' What? This question, I thought for a moment, may still be due to the special nature of ultra-running engine. I order Carrera S, for example. The old section of 3.8L Although the engine is naturally aspirated, but this is a super engine, in order to extract horsepower responsibility, so it is high to a very strong explosive force, but such an engine in slalom this project is very awkward: you pull up the speed, power is getting stronger, and then you have to collect, but accelerated again after the pile slowly and gradually press the power out, and the new 3.0T engine, because it has a turbocharged engine very flat, the highest continuous torque output area, so common in the ultra-running 3000-5000 rpm, speed a little higher, a little lower, and there is not much torque output gap, so let's throttle control can be more freely some of the .

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

The new 911 is more powerful acceleration, which we can also easily understand that. This is, I feel a little increase in engine horsepower and relations (with exchange turbines are not necessarily linked, and finer tuning PDK gearbox also has a relationship Although this is the Porsche did not say so, but I and the Porsche instructors who have the same feeling: the new models PDK transmission shift faster and more agile, but for the manipulation, the more favorable changes are: gearbox manual shift mode, the former finally become minus plus - although 911 have shift paddles, but many 911 users, racer, accustomed to using the shift lever or manual shift.

I also Porsche instructors share a moment, they said at the Zhuhai International Circuit, the new lap can be made faster than the old about 2 seconds after I personally experienced the performance gap between the old and new models, which are a little Not surprisingly.

Sound: older and more classical, new and more modern

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

I subtitled classical and modern two vulgar words is not satisfied, but the truth is I could not find a more appropriate word to describe it. Or to the Carrera S Case old section of the 3.8L engine is Porsche is very distinctive sound of an engine, a single voice speaking words, can then count the Porsche factory town treasure. it is in the low, the boxer engine has a very distinctive kind of snoring want water to boil the same, and pulled high to that engine is very irritable voice like thunder, like tearing the sky. so many people compare Porsche 3.8L engine and 4.5L engine Ferrari's voice, the two engines voice are classic and beautiful, but Porsche good low frequency, similar to the sound of brass bands, while Ferrari specializes in high frequency, similar to the string band style, so the owners of 911 and 458 are easily able to find each other on the road or in the stadium the car, with a voice can be positively identified.

I have not driven the 488 GTB, Ferrari can not be very accurate description of the sound now becomes how, but this time to switch back and forth the new and the old 911 with a half a day, I can quite clear: the new 911 turbine sound really become bored without the old models of self-absorption machine sound so clear and easy and uninhibited debate. Moreover, the sound becomes boring, whether sitting in the car is driving, or standing outside the car looking at the cars roaring past, all can clearly experience the Porsche certainly noticed this problem, so the new model of the exhaust pipe compensation claims seems to have become more numerous, many times we hear the loud sound did not come from the engine, but from 'cheating' the exhaust pipe. so, buy a new 911, make sure the optional sports exhaust tube set it ......

Racetrack: Do not let it stay like lied to you Meng

911 is a prestigious position in the sports car sector is also very heritage of the car, the phenomenon of cultural heritage and its racing history behind the bearer of the rich, so a lot of people forget is really strong performance. In other words, due to the 911 everyday practicality too high, resulting in many more gold buyers always open it in the city travel, which many people have forgotten that it is a car born for the track.

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

This time in the Zhuhai International Circuit, Porsche sufficient time for us to experience the new 911, so we have the opportunity to take the new coach of the ultimate driving experience 911. Such pull us back to reality: 911 is a born track car.

The new turbocharged engine response agile enough, power is also strong enough, it makes every time out of the corners after the acceleration force can fully meet your requirements, even I still think like this Zhuhai high-speed track is really only suitable for 911 If the track is so small some of Zhaoqing, perhaps I would not experience the new engine so strong stamina --200km / h after acceleration force also scary! In addition, PDK gearbox is very clever, it seems to always want to do in your next guess, and it was right every time. That's all that power this car can make arbitrary.

And I admire the most, and this is not done a modified version of street sports car, its suspension support efforts could be so strong, strong enough to you a little 'no sense'! Our colleagues at the camera after the test ride track said to me: Why is this car has been sitting inside obviously think very fast, but it does not stimulate the feeling I said:? That is because this car's movement is too small, it is not a lot of roll, what shaking, so you feel very stable.

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

Here also like to say back to 911 after the rear-wheel drive layout. Since many years, though there have been numerous this voice of doubt, always felt that the development of space layout is not too big. I can not predict the future, but also know Porsche their current MR and 4x4 very quickly, but I must say a few words for Porsche: a rear rear-wheel drive 911, driving up does not have any sense of stability, not easily get out - now 911 911 instead of 30 years ago, and secondly, this arrangement can provide a more unique taste some of Porsche, especially in some relatively low-speed Gymkhana track, the sudden tail dynamic will make people feel very exciting, this is even MR the Cayman are not available. Therefore, the Porsche 911 is the living sign, it has not changed.

Internal and external changes: Porsche really know the times

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

In addition to changes in power and dynamic performance, the new car design inside and outside, of course, we have to look at changes in routine. Appearance, except for some air guide, lighting changes, the biggest change is the end of the grille, the old horizontal section of three bars, became the new vertical multi-spoke, like a general inverted comb. before you do not see the real car, I've heard many people say that the new grille does not look good, but look after the real car, I think it is not unexpected, and we see more of get used to it.

2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche2016 Porsche 911 test: a more robust performance flagship of Porsche

The overall layout of the car has not changed, the more obvious changes in three places: Tachometer bottom from 9000 rpm down to 8000 rpm, the new engine oil off anyway, only 7200 rpm, and 9000 rpm and then engage in bottom of the table means nothing - this point of view, the Porsche was quite honest, driving mode options button is no longer placed next to the shift lever, but a mess knob on the steering wheel, then familiar easier to use, multimedia control system becomes on the touch, but also Carplay system, truly the times.

I know that some ultra-running is indeed a supreme performance, these practical things are generally away, but the 911 has been known for populist and practical, precisely because it is so with the times and focus on practical, so only so much people are willing to open it in the city swimming, rather than using it as a tool to track weekend at .911, it is a user-friendly machine, which is to buy one of its important reason. in addition, it is this Porsche household name sports car family, its history and tell you three days and nights have lots to talk about, it's the new models faster than the old models, but also a better control. If you are trying to enter the supercar world, why would choose such a car as a stepping stone to it? 911, it is not a make you regret the choice.

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Outstanding advantages: new more powerful turbine easier to control, dynamic performance has improved over the old models, car equipment add some humanity,

The main shortcomings: new engine sound as good as the old engine has the taste line, the back seat is still small, a lot of equipment required attachments.

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