Han phone invited Leo Re: dare to consult his wife after

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Han phone invited Leo Re: dare to consult his wife after

Hunan Satellite TV to interact with a large variety of music I want to sing << >> week will welcome 'special love song', has said the little prince love songs Leo stunning debut shocked the audience, who were previously excluded from the guest list of the super coffee, Yin Jiabin dare to mobilize on the program, originally was moving to rescue Leo games at home are not moved, then it is second change 'bad friends' broke the news, to consult his wife after Leo: why what appeared ladder represented the owner Han? ......

Han circle of friends to be 'fat power', only for the move appointment Leo stranded

'Han Han's musical ladder' This week will be the theme of love song, continued to play a stunning visual feast, guests on stage to sing links with Asia said the little prince love songs to the audience shocked Leo, originally not in the current guest list in him, why will appear on stage? ladder master Han said, Yin Jiabin mobilization, is distressed at what should be invited to a big coffee sits, Wang Han a 'contact Leo try' let Han moment clouds are cleared see sunny .

And quite touching, the record before the show received an invitation the day before Leo, turned down two notices did not hesitate, just to help a close friend for many years Han 'save the market.' Emotion Shigeyoshi performance, not only the parties Han quite moving, Xie language constantly, even Wang Han also repeatedly thumbs-up for the two deep friendship legitimate site so the episode is filled with a warm atmosphere, the Wang Han continued revealed said: Leo order to 'save the market', originally in moving home do not move even rushed over, viewers are going to have to love this man. at this time acting bursting Han's return meaningful patterns upright girl said, 'Yes, you move moved half went to our program, is indeed a big sacrifice! '

Friends for many years as 'Crazy' Leo Han explosion dare to consult his wife

There are tears humor point is I want you to sing << >> a major feature of lies, while Wang Han Han's quips undoubtedly act as a polishing agent to act. After Leo the audience revealed the profound friendship story, character naughty Han, and instantly broke into the model, and a more than a violent broke the news content, set off waves of cheering spectators floor heat.

Han straight face, 'My friends of the opposite sex are amazing' as the topic began, the scene attracted members after bursting with curiosity, a 'Leo received my invitation, the first reaction is to consult his wife, his wife is not allowed to dare 'so shy of Leo, too shy flushed, but did not refute the statement, to look down at the floor indicates the default state of this view. Han thought this would be the end broke the news, pointing to the side who knows the eyes of Wang Han , bluntly, 'Lao Wang and Leo are similar, coffers handed prove everything,' while Wang Han Leo two more coincidentally standing face to face, a 'same boat' facial expressions, so hilarious scene everywhere.

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Traditional Chinese: 韓紅電話邀古巨基 回復:請示老婆後才敢來

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