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Many parents (microblogging) students asked 110 TOEFL exam (microblogging), IELTS (microblogging) 7.5, can apply for the North American elite? The TOEFL test is less than 80, IELTS 6 people who can go to ask whether the double record , the green channel, or train into the elite?

So in the end TOEFL IELTS level points represent what? In my view, it is possible to see their children's future in the end can go far, whether success or failure, do not be discounted. Test scores does not mean that the successful study abroad (microblogging), insufficient standard basic problem.

In what to say, since today almost no students really bare test, mostly through cram school tuition, continue to brush the problem, even once each test, go to cram the last few weeks, 'over the water', and learn new things.

Too many students, they 'guess the title' technique has come to consummate the point, because a lot of people took the test several times, and finally by seven people, so test scores of people may not be 'real' with the actual English listening He said literacy course have seen no test or nine times over the students, his results unstable, up and down, and even more the worse test!

Test three times to reach 6.5 or 90 is a sophomore student end (the end of August minimum standards, otherwise you will certainly encounter bumpy road to study!

Why? A 'normal' high school students, if after cram school tuition, their own review, at least through the first test 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 2.0 and 3.0 if not, it means the following potential crisis exists, and English is not limited to the surface to see, here is what I observed, 'why', but the reason:

1, learning attitude problem.

Neglect or contempt, thinking is very simple, back and forth TOEFL IELTS test.

2, the degree is really bad.

The first test was 4.5, then to catch up with 6.5, the basic test year are not even eat or drink, unless a miracle, at least I have not seen.

3, there is a problem learning.

There is no way, but not the brain, careless, every time you finished let her / him to write about the experience, summed up their problems, answer any of them, forgot all about it, so that the child test 100 times to no avail, you do not say, many of these people.

4, want instant success.

Please someone to the exam, cramming, cram brush just by the title, he did not want the English grammar, vocabulary, speaking of these basic skills to get a solid, only to reach the goal, unscrupulous, so a lot of people, it will not test over study success!

5, that too will be able to test more.

Long a home as long as a daughter finished an exam IELTS reported immediately under, but repeatedly test, however, as long as she has strict test, there is always a chance too can, in fact, the level of her daughter into the already stagnant, there is no real increase , rely on 'number' is useless.

6, after the test several times put off.

There are many children in the test three times, he said nothing after four exam, parents say, hit confidence, and can not re-examination, the conditional acceptance of it! This means that children do not review their own problems, fear of failure, the parents do toe lobbyists, and this setback will not work, then the future how to study? Do not pass a course will transfer or not to learn it? Many parents always follow blindly, that is not depth of thought!

7, is also back and forth for the TOEFL exam.

I asked why, some say difficult IELTS, TOEFL said some hard, others are constantly changing, that the next test will get a new title, the final exam each 5,6 times, the results are IELTS 6, TOEFL 70,80 points , a level that has not been, these are speculators, I have never seen a 7 points IELTS, TOEFL had not even 90!

All these problems can be reflected in the child's learning Toya exams overall performance, they can 'accurately' reflected their future there must be more to study a similar risk, you can only speak to him as a simple language exam? Besides, this thing I learned English for 50 years, found a rule, if you do not accumulate, effective adhere to the study, want to break through to another level is impossible, today our children is pure future candidate too, so studying hard way, of course, the result is self-evident.

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Traditional Chinese: 國際學校學生必讀:為什麽你的英語屢戰屢敗

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