Xiuning Huangcun among "the most beautiful ancient villages" list

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May 15, to industrial integration >> << Global travel patterns under the theme of 12th China (Shenzhen) ICIF important theme activities - The 6th National Eco-tourism and cultural industry development forum held Forum released the most beautiful ancient villages >> << public interest list, ranked Huangcun town Xiuning provider list. In addition, there is the city of Huangshan in Huizhou District town submarine Tangmo village, Shexian Yuliang emblem towns village, Shexian Zheng town Tangyue village, Yixian County Pitt town off the foot of the village, Wang Yi Xian Hongcun villages, Xidi Xidi village and other towns and 6 villages selected.

The list released 100 'the most beautiful ancient villages', a total of eight villages in Anhui selected, in addition to the seven villages Huangshan City, as well as white, Zhenjiang Village, Jingde County, according to the list main appraiser - << China Tourism burning ceremony >> Producer Fang Yong said, issued 'the most beautiful ancient villages list,' the meaning is 'to explore the United States, spread beauty, enjoy the beauty.' << >> beautiful ancient village has a separate list of evaluation criteria, not influenced by any commercial factors, it is a complete list of the public service list to evaluate whether there are mainly high tourism value as the standard specific criteria are: a built village has a long history and profound traditional Chinese culture precipitate;. the second is to save a certain number of houses and other ancient buildings and buildings with strong local characteristics, architectural craftsmanship, artistic value, high ornamental value; three have a certain visibility (Cheng Guowei.

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Traditional Chinese: 休寧縣黃村名列“最美古村落”榜單

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