Mini marathon kicked off in Yongjia to bring running shoes Nan River Trip

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Mini marathon kicked off in Yongjia to bring running shoes Nan River Trip

Wenzhou Reuters ran across the beautiful countryside, ran poetry and painting landscapes. Yesterday, the 2016 Mini Marathon in beautiful countryside Yongjia Yongjia if the rock town kicked off, more than 2,000 runners in the picturesque Nanxi River Happy Running.

8:00 am 30 minutes, the athletes came early start, with the starter gunshot, diving out of the crowd. They were dressed in red, yellow and blue colorful racing suit, shouting 'run for love' slogan, with blue sky, green water, Castle Peak side by side, forming a beautiful landscape .12 kilometer race circuit arrogant if Narathiwat hole scenic rock town Yongjia Academy, along through 'high color value,' the pastoral scenery. players competing by the same time, you can enjoy the scenery along the way, and enriched the local natural environment, but also very suitable for running.

With 'Travel +' Rise hot, scenic marathon, beautiful rural tourism increasingly popular is reported that the construction of Yongjia was open if the rock town of East Village in April of this year - if the rock Wakamura Town, Cape Sheng village town - people on the crane Shengzhen Ling, Cang rock town village - rock town Kawamura next day, Geng read small hospital - if a large village, next town Ao village Hok Sheng - RV camping base 5 beautiful countryside landscape, to create fully demonstrated Yongjia rural people, goods, King blend of harmonious beauty boutique line.

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Traditional Chinese: 迷你馬拉松在永嘉拉開序幕 帶上跑鞋去楠溪旅行

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