"Good song" student went public concert held in Kunming

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The third quarter of the song >> << China has ended a long time, students Jing Zhu Xi, the slope of the village band, where Squeak and Fang Yideng students did not stop singing the footsteps of their last night in Kunming, Yunnan is a mountainous area children's music class public activities launched a mini concert, which attracted nearly a thousand spectators braved the rain to watch.

When the 'song' game show, where Squeak with a >> << Sheli off the top three teams advance Yu Quan, and the night in the finals last season wearing Tsuen invite participants performed the song together, the slope of the band's home Sun Village Xiao was using a >> << Year competition, is included Liu Huan tutor team, originally Pu'er girl Zhu Jing Xi, use an original song << >> quite heartbreaking Avenue into Liu Huan clan. perhaps we do not know Zhu Jing Xi although participated in the 'good song', but on the issue before she had << >> dream of horses and other personal album, or even Luhan Queen's lyricist. issued after reportedly leaving Luhan EXO debut album, a song by Zhu Jing Xi most hands, including Luhan has launched is called 'love letter addressed to fans' cause love singles << >>, but also by Zhu Jing Xi creation.

Activities of the evening, in addition to several singers singing 'the song' in the song, also were performing their other original songs, is to use action to support Chinese original music. Another purpose of this activity is to use the power of music to Yunxian happy town Yunnan poverty mountain children to create music class, round children's music dream.

Sun Xiao said that the band members are willing to join the charity project for kids to support education as a music teacher. Zhu Jing Xi is the night of the event organizers to accept the invitation to become the ambassador of this public service activities.

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Traditional Chinese: “好歌曲”學員 奔赴昆明舉行公益演唱會

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