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Wenzhou, Zhejiang Hu has just finished day Trip to the United States to return home, 'the whole trip took 1.5 million, even as I speak clearly does not affect the Mandarin travel abroad.' As China's economy and the growth of national income, tourism is more and more people become life 'necessity.'

National Tourism Administration recently released << China Tourism Report (2016 >> Show in 2015, China's domestic tourism exceeded 40 million passengers, 2.98 times the national per capita travel, tourism revenues more than 4 trillion yuan. China currently has the world the largest domestic tourism consumption market, the national Tourism era is quietly coming. At the same time, the quality of people's travel, tourism, innovation and a higher requirement.

Visitors: willing to spend more money to buy better experience

'Sleep on the train, get off to pee, landscape photographs, I asked to come back and consequently do not know.' This cursory tour attractions, travel a lot of people get together and children have experienced. Tourism was supposed to be relaxing, but always It is dangerous exhausted, continued to go to another place of interest from attractions.

China Tourism Research Institute, Ctrip Monitoring and analysis on this year's 'May Day' mini vacation travel show, the level of consumption upgrade, tourists willing to spend more money to buy better experience, more outbound hot, by the way to travel towards leisure for sightseeing and shopping vacation, increase the percentage of free exercise, travel with the group more attention to quality, is becoming a big trend in tourism.

'Whether it's folk or Town Hotel, our standards are relatively high.' Yuan Yun, general manager of Beijing Gubei Town Tourism Co., the company admitted. 'Resort currently can accommodate up to 2100 people stay, a weekend often It appears difficult to get a room situation, indicating domestic tourists to travel more and more high quality requirements, no longer walk, passing, read, enjoy the type of demand is becoming the pursuit of domestic tourists to travel a lot of ways.

'May Day' travel large data released by Baidu map, driving has become a new choice of travel, 1-2 hour trip suburban travel SANDOVAL year's 'May Day' mini vacation, many people in the way to the car around the city parks, scenic gardens, wetlands, town and other places to play. big data show that Beijing peach main sea resorts, Shanghai Jiading Wisteria Park, Guangzhou Chime-long and other wildlife in the world has become a hot area.

Resorts: Development of 'Grand Tourism', to avoid the homogenization competition

'In the initial stage of tourism development, mainly built attractions, attractions, restaurants, hotels, however the development of tourism up to now, has been to all the people of tourism and tourism-oriented personalized new phase, the traditional tourist attractions mode can not meet the modern requires a large tourism development. 'national Tourism Bureau Li Jinzao said.

In the first batch of 262 countries, the National Tourism Bureau announced this year's global tourism demonstration area to create a unit list, Beijing's Yanqing, Changping District, Pinggu District three districts selected. Yanqing scenic spots and more 'healthy children' really thick. World-renowned Badaling Great Wall, the Great Wall Lijiang River Longqingxia, riddle Guyaju ...... full of these features, and famous scenic spots, attracts large numbers of tourists to travel in the increasingly fierce competition in the tourism industry, the homogenization tendency evident today, Yanqing initiative to change, according to the idea of global tourism, the region's integration of resources, the entire 2000 square kilometers administrative region to fight a large area.

Li Jinzao said, 'attraction model' 'small tour' transformed into a 'global mode' and 'Grand Tour', the focus is to achieve several major changes, including the management of scenic spots from a single building to an integrated rural development transition destination, remove institutional barriers and managing scenic spots inside and outside the walls, to achieve integration of public services, tourism regulatory full coverage from the ticket economy to industrial economy shift from closed to open loop tour from 'travel +' fusion development pattern, from tourism enterprise singles exclusive to social sharing change ......

Future: open the wisdom of travel mode

With the rapid expansion of tourism online services, Internet marketing, online booking, online payment services, 'intelligent tourism' will become the future trend of China's tourism development.

Mr. Xin from Xianyang, Shaanxi, this year's 'May Day' holiday with their parents to the Lintong visit. 'Every time I Lintong, will first query attractions, directions and other information on the 'wisdom Lintong' tourism APP, very convenient.' Oct Mr. introduction, the APP the Lintong District contains about food, all kinds of information to live, travel, shopping, entertainment, etc., can be planned more reasonable choice for tourism and enjoy easy, convenient and fun travel experience now Lintong District has begun construction of smart city, including data center management platform, smart city operations center, the wisdom of urban management applications, travel applications wisdom, the wisdom of Public Security, intelligent flood control and construction applications. transport sector to be based on traffic forecasts, to divert vulnerable road congestion.

Survey, Online Booking travel products use the highest proportion of respondents in the 93% will be used, followed by the telephone booking, use a ratio of 45%, again for the mobile client booking, use a ratio of 39% at select line travel agency only 17%.

'The Internet in particular, the mobile Internet is profoundly changing everyone's access to information, consumption patterns, we should also follow the wave of information technology, the use of more convenient tools to enhance the consumer experience in the tourism process.' Beijing Miyun Tourism Commission Director Guo Shenghai expressed. Some very ordinary folk households can book and pay in Miyun directly online.

Industry insiders, tourists demand for high quality tourism products continues to expand, the urgent need for market diversification, humane choice, 'Wisdom tourism' is the future of tourism industry to speed up the 'Internet +', the development of 'future tourism' important the way. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 世界這麽大,一起去看看

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