Jackie Chan has been denounced villain Chuaidao hematuria star too delicate moment

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Jackie Chan has been denounced villain Chuaidao hematuria star too delicate moment

Jackie Chan at the press conference exposes early kick beat the game Halo is villain, and even blood in the urine, and now a lot of stars filming Tucao too delicate.

LOS ANGELES, May 22 by Rene Harlin directed by Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Johnny Knoxville, action comedy starring Eric Tsang Skiptrace << >> held in Beijing 'boxing laugh Returns' theme conference. starring Jackie Chan stunt team, led by members attended the conference, and Huang Zi Jiao got a do over. in addition to the scene and released a documentary film posters, 'the older the more funny' Jackie continued to be exposed more funny memories at the press conference, For example: 'drinking and Mongolian Siqin antiphonal singing', 'Join Awards are filled brain drifting Tetris,' 'beat the game by exposing early kick villain faint, or even blood in the urine,' 'Tucao now many celebrities filming too delicate (example: Jaycee [microblogging] 'and so on ...... the' big brother 'in the presence of the conference will never be bored.

Jackie Chan has been denounced villain Chuaidao hematuria star too delicate moment

The same day, Jackie Chan's 'Seven Little Fortunes' Young Yuen Biao also a surprise appearance as a platform >> << Skiptrace .62-year-old Chan on stage with emotion: 'It is now to see the side of the small side', but also revealed that these insights on life from the Guangxi nearly died during filming: 'it was encountered rapids in Guangxi, I fell from the raft, roll into the water, I swim well, was really shouting for help, people in the water of the original to roll, the staff are on the shore, can not save me. I later raft is rolled back only saved, really scared to death. '

INNER up drinking and antiphonal singing brother turned out to be the song?

<< >> Skiptrace the story of a retired police and promised to bear as a gambler, but just witnessing the crime scene suspect, fugitive in a foreign country to start a period of starting a trip. Jackie revealed that ' escape 'story has been brewing in his mind for a long time:.' the script in my mind for 25 years, and always dreamed of making a story of exile, I wanted to beat in China, the Chinese landscape and cultural show to the world 'in addition to Hong Kong, outside Macao, Russia, << >> Skiptrace have location shooting in the Sino-Mongolian border, mountain Sichuan, Guangxi Guilin China many areas.

Speaking when filming the deepest impression scenery, Jackie Chan replied: Guangxi, also referred to the local custom of singing folk songs and 'Big Brother' and Siqin suddenly talk before drinking together in Hong Kong the past, 'one sitting over there. Siqin began to sing, 'Siqin kept singing, Jackie Chan can only keep drinking, drinking and finally it did not move,' Big brother 'had to sing:' plainly my heart ...... ' .

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Traditional Chinese: 成龍曾被反派踹到尿血 斥當下明星太嬌嫩

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