Japanese female idol fans are crazy cut more than 20 knife is said to be the reason she did not accept the other side of the table to send

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Japanese female idol fans are crazy cut more than 20 knife is said to be the reason she did not accept the other side of the table to send

Now 20-year-old Makoto Tomita

Japanese female idol fans are crazy cut more than 20 knife is said to be the reason she did not accept the other side of the table to send

The scene, police and media have come.

Performances into a crime scene, the reason is because of love and hate?

Yesterday afternoon, a horrific incident occurred in Japan - female idol Tomita Mayu appeared Tokyo Koganei performances, even the tragic 27-year-old man rock macro Saitama Friends slash more than 20 knife wounds all over his neck, chest, hands and back, so that fans exclaimed, 'I can not believe', while showing extremely angry.

Subsequently, Mayumi Tomita was rushed to the nearest hospital, Tomita was really made a lot of bleeding, coma reported, Tomita really want the day 21:00 stage from the original, but do not want to face the catastrophe, the current physical condition is not optimistic.

Korean star said fans crazy, privacy violations idol news everywhere, but did not want, has always been considered a very high quality of Japanese fans, there are many aspects of the Starchaser madness, people are shocked.

20 years old Tomita Makoto, before the former Japanese idol girl group members 'Secret Girls', and later for personal reasons solo, has been the use of spare time, an individual throughout the show. Because Tomita Makoto shape sweet, low-key man, deep loved by the fans.

According to Japanese media reports, before the stabbing incident, Tomita really from the original fifth stage performances in the evening, only to male rock fans Saitama Friends macro carry knives, go straight into the crazy cut. People live to see a sea of blood suddenly screams everywhere police then rushed to the scene on the spot and arrested the assailant, the man also pleaded guilty, said:... 'Yes, I assassinate her,' Tomita tone seems to hold true by the great hatred witnesses are interviewed when you said: '! too bad she was stabbed dozens of times, but the staff stayed standing, no one shot to help her.' and especially after the assailant is still murder proudly yelled: 'yes I did. '

After the incident, suspected perpetrators message exposure on the network. A screen name, 'you hate are rubbish' netizens, on the recent spate Tomita really pushed by a special message, said he had sent a watches to idols, but has not been accepted idols, thus love to hate. subsequently, the man gradually become extreme, and even scold Tomita Makoto example Tomita said before going to bed at night to play the guitar, the man accused of a message to Tomita, told her not to disturb people Qing dream while on March 22, the man once more a message to Tomita said:. 'I wanted to die' and gave Tomita had sent more than 400, including 'We feel there is no', 'do not pay attention to fans', etc. hate speech.

According to Tomita really revealed by another male fans, before her 3-4 months, fans had a show after the event mentioned, 'A man has been bugging me to tell me his phone number, so I am very distress ', the male fans also said:' Tomita afraid of being entangled, but also very careful to speak on the social networking site, Twitter. '

Japanese fans crazy Starchaser

Jackie Chan Hsiao have caught

In the eyes of many fans, the quality of Japanese fans has always been high, but the so-called 'big woods, what birds are,' Japanese fans crazy, still scary.

For example, in 2004, Chan said in an interview, when he and Joan Lin affair came to light, a Japanese female fans to jump on the train suicide protests, when the female fans carry the death a suicide note, it clear that he had already committed suicide because his girlfriend Jackie hit. there is also a Japanese female fans, who buy one-way tickets from Japan to Hong Kong, determined to marry Jackie, because Jackie did not see the female fans on the day and night in the studio waiting for the shooting, after unsuccessful, the female fans swallowing poison to commit suicide was rushed to hospital.

Also by threats as well as Hsiao. Before there was a Japanese crazy female fans Yuki, was a Japanese wealthy people, because fascination Hsiao, directly in the vicinity of the cell Hsiao living, paid for purchase of real estate has become Hsiao neighbors. but the frightening thing is, Yuki had mad midnight Hsiao doorbell directly alerted the police.

Japanese star also suffered madness crazy fans. For example, in May 2013, a big fan of HKT48, had gathered in the online public users, said it would 'gang rape' famous girl group HKT48 of Sakura Miyawaki, a surprising some users go along, which led to the Japanese media collective appeal to the police investigation. According to the survey, the fans are crazy fans HKT48 high school students, who had an event in combination with the 15-year-old Sakura Miyawaki handshake unsuccessful love to hate, then invited other fans to join in the online 'mass rape' in the ranks. it has long been notorious fan of high school students, often in trouble HKT48 of the event, was suspected of 'stalker', has been owned firms depends HKT48 as dangerous.

Earlier this month, there are about a 50-year-old unidentified woman into Fukuyama Masaharu located in Tokyo's Shibuya home land, quickly fled the meet Fukuyama Masaharu wife Kazue Fukiishi, the current has been transferred to the police. Fukuyama Masaharu and Blowing Rock a benefit last year officially announced the marriage, about four years after the two exchanges finally coming into fruition, but Fukuyama Masaharu as 'idol god' status is very high, there are a lot of fans in the Fukuyama marriage made excesses. according to the message provided by the police , this woman broke into the home is likely to be a fan of Fukuyama.

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Traditional Chinese: 日本女偶像被瘋狂粉絲砍了20多刀 原因據說是她沒有接受對方送的表

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